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  1. Nick, thank you for your hints, I have checked them and could find the error.


    19 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

    The first is that you are trying to use Vector for P3D v4 in P3D v5.

    You will need to stop doing that and use the P3D v5 version of Vector instead.


    If you select the V5 option in Central, you will of course only see the things that are suitable for V5.
    Vector for V5 can be recognized easy by the missing height module in the configuration tool.



    19 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

    Secondly, Orbx Central places the Vector scenery libraries under Africa and you will need to let it do that.

    As they are, at the top, they are causing the anomalies.


    My mistake was that I installed the Base Pack first, but then the open LCs, HD Buildings, Trees and finally Vector. 


    But exactly this led to the display problems with entries at wrong places in the scenery library.

    So I uninstalled everything except Base, then install again Vector and so on. 


    Meanwhile I have installed and checked all my Orbx stuff - everything looks normal.





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  2. I installed V5 HF2 as a first installation and found that Vector makes the basic sceneries look very strange.
    With active Vector for V5 there are trees everywhere and the sceneries look as if Vector is the top layer over the sceneries.

    Turning it off will improve it, but this is certainly not the intention.
    Unfortunately, some Orbx entries in the scenery library are above all other entries, although I use the same ones as in V4.5. No matter which Insertion Points I use (just for testing) the entries remain on top of the scenery library.

    Are there any hints how I could change this?




    Vector for V5 active:



    Without Vector for V5:



    Orbx Entries above all other Scenerie entries


  3. Stefan, if nothing else helps, you can test this.


    Go ahead:
    NA Southern California\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SCA05_SCENERY\scenery


    Search all three files of KPSP:


    Rename the files from .bgl to .off
    Test the scenery.


    If that doesn't help either, you can rename the three files back to .bgl.



  4. 8 minutes ago, Johnliem said:

    Yes I have Na Southern Alaska installed, and I have deactivated in P3D

    No, you need NA Southern Alaska active, but due PAJN brings own Airport files with you should test if you get a better scenery without eleveation errors if you deactivate in the folder:


    NA Southern Alaska\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SAK05_SCENERY     all four PAJN files  (use the Windows search function)


    Simpel set them from .bgl to .off


    Dont moved anything just a rename of the four files.







  5. You have to disable some files in GEN. If I remember right it was 3 files. Use the windows search to find them.

    Set them from .bgl to .off

    Keep in mind after some updates you have to disable again these files.



  6. It's worth a try.

    I have extra in:
    ...NA Northern California\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_NCA05_SCENERY

    set the following files from .bgl to .off.



    The ADE_FTX_NCA_KMRY_elevation_adjustment.bgl in ...NA Northern California\Scenery\World\scenery is not deactivated.




  7. If you can read german may be it helps to understand better OOM´s due lost of VAS:


    1 hour ago, shorthauler said:

    According to Kosta:


    Then I would say your fsx.cfg is overtweaked.

    You have an entry which takes the VAS away from FSX and doesn't return it again


    A healty fsx.cfg needs only two entries:

    Affinitymask and Highmem Fix

    Then the fsx.cfg works over hours very fine. Critical is always the end of flight due scenery configuration.

    You see my take off was with only 600MB free VAS but then it comes back. Your tweaked fsx.cfg has not this behaviour.






  8. If you use KMRY than you must have also Northern California.

    Go to:

    NA Northern California\FTX_NA_NCA05_SCENERY

    Seach for KMRY and set all three files from .bgl to .off





    Test the scenery


    May be you have to disable that file too (in P3D it is not nessesary)



    Keep in mind these files will be set to .bgl again if you performe upates, or use the verfiy Files -Option for that and other Airports.




    Operating system:  Windows 10 Pro

    Simulator:  P3Dv4.5 Pro


    Issue:  Central4 does not use or find backups for installation


    After rebuilding my PC after crash, I had installed my Orbx products one after the other using the xml method, but unfortunately with errors at some airports. 

    There the buildings were not displayed (LEAS, LOWI, PAEN, PAJN, PAKT ) but at other airports (ESSA, LEBB, KSAN) they were.

    To narrow down the error I have deleted all Orbx products via Central4 and want to install step by step.

    I have a separate backup hard disk with 101GB of Orbx files backed up with Central 4.010.

    Unfortunately Central 4.012 does not use the backup folder but reloads the files from the server.



    For example, if I want to reinstall Vector, the following happens: 

    Central4 wants to install the libraries first, but does not use the files saved in the backup, but reloads them from the server. 
    Then Vector tries to load from the server again, but I aborted. 
    The separate hard disk with the backups is of course connected. 



    Then I had the idea that it might work with "My Products", because I wanted to install Vector with the "Global Range" before. 
    Unfortunately no backup is taken here either. 




    Any ideas how i can solve the Problem?


    Latest LOG-File:



    Regards, Wolfgang

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