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  1. Hi Ian, so very sorry to hear of your heart problem but for the present time you are in the best place for treatment. As one who has had three heart attacks and a stent as well as having heart disease I know too well how this may have hit you. When the time comes for you to return home do not try and carry on as you left off, tiredness will be a pain the the backside but with the right medication you will be fine. Just don't try and do too much, I am sure every-one here will understand if you do not make as many visits here as you normally do. I still get tired but now have learnt how much I can do before resting. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Kind regards Nigel.
  2. Ummm, no not really. Firstly after this accident I went to replay, on watching I had actually held off on the flare and touched down rather late and too late to go around due to low airspeed and the inevitable happened. Secondly I was not going to post this but then again thought I would just to see what the response would be........... but you have so far been very polite in your replies!! Regards Nigel.
  3. Many thanks to Orbx for the kind offer of Courchevel Airport. Unfortunately I don't have any add-on sceneries to enhance this area presently as I usually fly in TE UK so just using the X Plane 11 default scenery. Lined up ready for take-off on the Ski Ramp with the Dornier 228 White Knuckle Ride as Airspeed very slow to build up but made it!! On Final Approach Pulling back hard for the uphill event!! Over the Hump Oh........... @*&$ Regards Nigel.
  4. Congratulations Jack, a great screenshot and sorry for the lateness of posting as unfortunately last week had 2 heart attacks and only just been discharged from hospital yesterday after having stents put in. Coming back to your screenshot, I have never flown the shuttle and whilst I now have plenty of time in hand recuperating, I may well try a few orbits!! Again, well done sir. Regards Nigel.
  5. Just came to me, Just Flight are presently converting the FSX, P3d Vulcan to X-Plane 11. Now that is something worth waiting for. Regards Nigel.
  6. Fantastic shots Ian, I have a lasting legacy from the Vulcans, high frequency deafness!! used to refuel them back in the early 70's the howl of the engines as they practised asymmetrical overshoots was something to hear, far louder than a normal take-off. Whilst waiting to refuel one I parked the bowser just in front and went up into the cockpit for a look round, for such a large aircraft I was taken back by how much of a squeeze it was to sit in the pilots' seat and how small the compartment was for the rear crew. Would have loved to have had a flight in one but alas, no chance, still, I got a flight up in a Canberra with 85 Sqdn when they came to our station whilst they had their runway re-surfaced but had to sit alongside the navigator as the trainer (T5 I think it was called) was unserviceable, just about as good as being in the back of the Vulcan........could see very little! Regards Nigel.
  7. Congrats Adam, great screenshot, well deserved. Regards Nigel.
  8. Many thanks for your kind comments. Regards Nigel.
  9. Just love this aircraft as flew one back in the 1970's as P2. Have to be careful when flying inverted low to the ground as engine will cut out after about 7-8secs so have to make sure that you have plenty of speed to roll out safely and get some height if engine starts to splutter. Regards Nigel.
  10. Saw this on another Forum and have found some articles very good, Canberra Pilot Notes include check list, there is one for the Vulcan Mk B.1A but is more of the systems and emergency procedures. Also for Hunter fans there is the Mk 74A Pilot Notes plus many more including the Lancaster and other WW2 aircraft. Free to download http://www.airwar.ru/other/manuals/ More checklists can be found here (came across it by accident but very pleased I did) some are real aircraft and others for flight simulation but on looking at the Constellation Checklist for FSX it appears to be very good. http://freechecklists.net/ Regards Nigel.
  11. Just found out why I had missing scenery, had downloaded FTX Central 3 as thought the problem may have been associated with the current Orbx Central as my EU England is on a DVD and wrongly thought there might have been some conflict between the two, now feel very guilty for thinking that!! So sorry Orbx! After installing and on the main menu it gave me the option to migrate which I did and now the missing scenery is back in its' full glory and have the complete London Scenery showing as well as Manchester. A simple oversight on my part is now happily rectified though still wondering why the migration put all the missing scenery back in when it was installed already. Regards Nigel.
  12. Hi Nick, this I did after installing EU England and made sure that FTX Central was deleted from the computer, I then installed EU Wales and Scotland with the current version of Orbx Central and after the installation I had once again lost buildings. Just completely stumped by this. Regards Nigel.
  13. Hi Nick, when I installed EU England FTX Central was the one that came with it, though cannot remember the version apart from being dated 2012. After installing I then installed the rest of the scenery using the present version of Orbx Central. Hope this helps. Regards Nigel.
  14. Well I am at a total loss to this problem, looks like I'll just have to fly with missing buildings. Thought that it might well have been the old FTX Control Panel picking up on new scenery as it installed but that theory has now gone out of the window!! Regards Nigel.
  15. Hello Nick, completely re-installed FSX then installed EU England from the DVD, all went well. From FTX Central Control I then set it from Default Scenery to that of Orbx Scenery. Started FSX and had all the Orbx Scenery for London running well, there were no errors on the installation. I then started re-installing EU Scotland and Wales, on starting FSX I again chose London City and found that the scenery was missing as per above. I think I have worked out the problem though this will mean yet another full re-install to pinpoint the exact cause of missing scenery. When the installation of EU England is completed FTX Central Control Box comes up with the option of selecting which scenery you wish to use, either the Default Scenery or the Orbx EU Scenery, having selected the EU Scenery I flew a short flight and everything was brilliant however, if memory serves me right, back in the days of using the old and now no longer used FTX Central whenever adding new scenery it would automatically switch back to the default scenery either before or after installation usually with a warning however, as FTX Central no longer controls installation as before and the new Orbx Central does I now begin to suspect that the root cause could be that the FTX Central is somehow interfering and trying to switch back to default as new sceneries are installing thus possibly causing missing scenery in EU England. Going to try once more over the weekend and after installing England will uninstall FTX Central before installing Orbx Central. As requested I include the Scenery.cfg copied below. Please tell me if I have copied the wrong one as there is also an Orbx_backup but this is hopefully the one you need. [General] Title=FS9 World Scenery Description=FS9 Scenery Data Clean_on_Exit=TRUE [Area.1] Title=Default Terrain Local=Scenery\World Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=1 Texture_ID=1 [Area.2] Title=Default Scenery Local=Scenery\BASE Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=2 [Area.3] Title=0000 Base Local=Scenery\0000 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=3 [Area.4] Title=0001 Base Local=Scenery\0001 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=4 [Area.5] Title=0002 Base Local=Scenery\0002 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=5 [Area.6] Title=0003 Base Local=Scenery\0003 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=6 [Area.7] Title=0004 Base Local=Scenery\0004 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=7 [Area.8] Title=0005 Base Local=Scenery\0005 Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=8 [Area.9] Title=0006 Base Local=Scenery\0006 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=9 [Area.10] Title=0007 Base Local=Scenery\0007 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=10 [Area.11] Title=0100 Base Local=Scenery\0100 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=11 [Area.12] Title=0101 Base Local=Scenery\0101 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=12 [Area.13] Title=0102 Base Local=Scenery\0102 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=13 [Area.14] Title=0103 Base Local=Scenery\0103 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=14 [Area.15] Title=0104 Base Local=Scenery\0104 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=15 [Area.16] Title=0105 Base Local=Scenery\0105 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=16 [Area.17] Title=0106 Base Local=Scenery\0106 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=17 [Area.18] Title=0107 Base Local=Scenery\0107 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=18 [Area.19] Title=0200 Base Local=Scenery\0200 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=19 [Area.20] Title=0201 Base Local=Scenery\0201 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=20 [Area.21] Title=0202 Base Local=Scenery\0202 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=21 [Area.22] Title=0203 Base Local=Scenery\0203 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=22 [Area.23] Title=0204 Base Local=Scenery\0204 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=23 [Area.24] Title=0205 Base Local=Scenery\0205 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=24 [Area.25] Title=0206 Base Local=Scenery\0206 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=25 [Area.26] Title=0207 Base Local=Scenery\0207 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=26 [Area.27] Title=0300 Base Local=Scenery\0300 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=27 [Area.28] Title=0301 Base Local=Scenery\0301 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=28 [Area.29] Title=0302 Base Local=Scenery\0302 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=29 [Area.30] Title=0303 Base Local=Scenery\0303 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=30 [Area.31] Title=0304 Base Local=Scenery\0304 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=31 [Area.32] Title=0305 Base Local=Scenery\0305 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=32 [Area.33] Title=0306 Base Local=Scenery\0306 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=33 [Area.34] Title=0307 Base Local=Scenery\0307 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=34 [Area.35] Title=0400 Base Local=Scenery\0400 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=35 [Area.36] Title=0401 Base Local=Scenery\0401 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=36 [Area.37] Title=0402 Base Local=Scenery\0402 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=37 [Area.38] Title=0403 Base Local=Scenery\0403 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=38 [Area.39] Title=0404 Base Local=Scenery\0404 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=39 [Area.40] Title=0405 Base Local=Scenery\0405 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=40 [Area.41] Title=0406 Base Local=Scenery\0406 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=41 [Area.42] Title=0407 Base Local=Scenery\0407 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=42 [Area.43] Title=0500 Base Local=Scenery\0500 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=43 [Area.44] Title=0501 Base Local=Scenery\0501 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=44 [Area.45] Title=0502 Base Local=Scenery\0502 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=45 [Area.46] Title=0503 Base Local=Scenery\0503 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=46 [Area.47] Title=0504 Base Local=Scenery\0504 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=47 [Area.48] Title=0505 Base Local=Scenery\0505 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=48 [Area.49] Title=0506 Base Local=Scenery\0506 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=49 [Area.50] Title=0507 Base Local=Scenery\0507 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=50 [Area.51] Title=0600 Base Local=Scenery\0600 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=51 [Area.52] Title=0601 Base Local=Scenery\0601 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=52 [Area.53] Title=0602 Base Local=Scenery\0602 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=53 [Area.54] Title=0603 Base Local=Scenery\0603 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=54 [Area.55] Title=0604 Base Local=Scenery\0604 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=55 [Area.56] Title=0605 Base Local=Scenery\0605 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=56 [Area.57] Title=0606 Base Local=Scenery\0606 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=57 [Area.58] Title=0607 Base Local=Scenery\0607 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=58 [Area.59] Title=0700 Base Local=Scenery\0700 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=59 [Area.60] Title=0701 Base Local=Scenery\0701 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=60 [Area.61] Title=0702 Base Local=Scenery\0702 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=61 [Area.62] Title=0703 Base Local=Scenery\0703 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=62 [Area.63] Title=0704 Base Local=Scenery\0704 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=63 [Area.64] Title=0705 Base Local=Scenery\0705 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=64 [Area.65] Title=0706 Base Local=Scenery\0706 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=65 [Area.66] Title=0707 Base Local=Scenery\0707 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=66 [Area.67] Title=0800 Base Local=Scenery\0800 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=67 [Area.68] Title=0801 Base Local=Scenery\0801 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=68 [Area.69] Title=0802 Base Local=Scenery\0802 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=69 [Area.70] Title=0803 Base Local=Scenery\0803 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=70 [Area.71] Title=0804 Base Local=Scenery\0804 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=71 [Area.72] Title=0805 Base Local=Scenery\0805 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=72 [Area.73] Title=0806 Base Local=Scenery\0806 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=73 [Area.74] Title=0807 Base Local=Scenery\0807 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=74 [Area.75] Title=0900 Base Local=Scenery\0900 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=75 [Area.76] Title=0901 Base Local=Scenery\0901 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=76 [Area.77] Title=0902 Base Local=Scenery\0902 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=77 [Area.78] Title=0903 Base Local=Scenery\0903 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=78 [Area.79] Title=0904 Base Local=Scenery\0904 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=79 [Area.80] Title=0905 Base Local=Scenery\0905 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=80 [Area.81] Title=0906 Base Local=Scenery\0906 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=81 [Area.82] Title=0907 Base Local=Scenery\0907 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=82 [Area.83] Title=1000 Base Local=Scenery\1000 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=83 [Area.84] Title=1001 Base Local=Scenery\1001 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=84 [Area.85] Title=1002 Base Local=Scenery\1002 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=85 [Area.86] Title=1003 Base Local=Scenery\1003 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=86 [Area.87] Title=1004 Base Local=Scenery\1004 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=87 [Area.88] Title=1005 Base Local=Scenery\1005 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=88 [Area.89] Title=1006 Base Local=Scenery\1006 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=89 [Area.90] Title=1007 Base Local=Scenery\1007 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=90 [Area.91] Title=1100 Base Local=Scenery\1100 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=91 [Area.92] Title=1101 Base Local=Scenery\1101 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=92 [Area.93] Title=1102 Base Local=Scenery\1102 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=93 [Area.94] Title=1103 Base Local=Scenery\1103 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=94 [Area.95] Title=1104 Base Local=Scenery\1104 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=95 [Area.96] Title=1105 Base Local=Scenery\1105 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=96 [Area.97] Title=1106 Base Local=Scenery\1106 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=97 [Area.98] Title=1107 Base Local=Scenery\1107 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=98 [Area.99] Title=Africa Local=Scenery\AFRI Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=99 [Area.100] Title=Asia Local=Scenery\ASIA Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=100 [Area.101] Title=Australia Local=Scenery\AUST Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=101 [Area.102] Title=Eastern Europe Local=Scenery\EURE Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=102 [Area.103] Title=Western Europe Local=Scenery\EURW Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=103 [Area.104] Title=Central North America Local=Scenery\NAMC Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=104 [Area.105] Title=Eastern North America Local=Scenery\NAME Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=105 [Area.106] Title=Western North America Local=Scenery\NAMW Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=106 [Area.107] Title=Oceania Local=Scenery\OCEN Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=107 [Area.108] Title=South America Local=Scenery\SAME Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=108 [Area.109] Title=Oshkosh Aerial Photo Local=Scenery\Cities\Oshkosh Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=109 [Area.110] Title=St. Maarten Local=Scenery\Cities\StMaarten Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=110 [Area.111] Title=Rio de Janeiro Local=Scenery\Cities\Rio Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=111 [Area.112] Title=Las Vegas Local=Scenery\Cities\LasVegas Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=112 [Area.113] Title=Global, Generic & Vehicle Libraries Local=Scenery\Global Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=113 [Area.114] Title=Propeller Objects Local=Scenery\Props Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=114 [Area.115] Title=Addon Scenery Local=Addon Scenery Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=115 [Area.116] Title=Reno Local=Scenery\Cities\Reno Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=116 [Area.117] Title=Istanbul Local=Scenery\Cities\Istanbul Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=117 [Area.118] Title=Longleat Local=Scenery\Cities\Longleat Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=118 [Area.119] Title=Berlin Local=Scenery\Cities\Berlin Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=119 [Area.120] Title=Edwards_AFB Local=Scenery\Cities\Edwards_AFB Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=120 [Area.121] Title=ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 Local=ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_NA1 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=121 [Area.122] Title=ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1 Local=ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_EU1 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=122 [Area.123] Title=ORBX!OPENLC_BASE Local=ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_AA Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=123 [Area.124] Title=FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=124 [Area.125] Title=FTX_EU_WLS_07_MESH Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_WLS_07_MESH Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=125 [Area.126] Title=FTX_EU_WLS_06_CVX Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_WLS_06_CVX Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=126 [Area.127] Title=FTX_EU_WLS_05_SCENERY Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_WLS_05_SCENERY Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=127 [Area.128] Title=FTX_EU_SCO_08_CUSTOM Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_SCO_08_CUSTOM Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=128 [Area.129] Title=FTX_EU_SCO_07_MESH Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_SCO_07_MESH Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=129 [Area.130] Title=FTX_EU_SCO_06_CVX Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_SCO_06_CVX Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=130 [Area.131] Title=FTX_EU_SCO_05_SCENERY Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_SCO_05_SCENERY Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=131 [Area.132] Title=FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=132 [Area.133] Title=FTX_EU_ENG_07_MESH Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_07_MESH Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=133 [Area.134] Title=FTX_EU_ENG_06_CVX Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_06_CVX Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=134 [Area.135] Title=FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=135 [Area.136] Title=FTX_AA_EGTR Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGTR Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=136 [Area.137] Title=FTX_AA_EGKA Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGKA Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=137 [Area.138] Title=FTX_AA_EGHI Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGHI Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=138 [Area.139] Title=FTX_AA_EGFF Local=ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGFF Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=139 [Area.140] Title=FTXAA_ORBXLIBS Local=ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=140 I will wait until I hear from you again. Many thanks in advance. Regards Nigel.
  16. Hi Nick, very many thanks for your reply and also help. I will be re-installing may be tomorrow or the week-end. From what you wrote it may well be a corrupt scenery file, what copy do you require should this happen again? Also would be grateful to know once I have installed EU England regardless of any problems, do I need to delete the FTX Central that is installed with EU England and related bits before downloading and installing the new FTX Central prior to downloading and installing the scenery that I currently own? Thanks in advance. Regards Nigel.
  17. Hi Doug, yes I have Orbx Libraries installed and also verified them via FTX Central. I was unable to transfer my EU England over to Orbx so as to be able to update/install at any time owing to the fact that I could not locate my receipt from Flight Store, (purchased many years ago I think about a couple of months after its release) the only possible reason for this is that I may have, once satisfied that EU England was working properly discarded the receipt. With that in mind, I had previously had to re-install a few years ago and it was OK then. I removed EU England and did a re-install getting an error message after re-installing FTX Configurator failed to load scenery.cfg Error loading cfg Scenery.cfg This led to my thinking that the problem of installing EU England may possibly be due to the new Orbx Central. Equally, on checking the scenery order in FSX I found that the first entry was not at 1 but 103 with other entries much lower missing quite a few numbers. I know that this may sound a bit iffy but took the steps to uninstall all Orbx add-ons and uninstalled Orbx Central then re-installed EU England and all went well with no error messages but somehow FSX now does not load the EU England Scenery so going to have to bite the bullet and do a complete re-install of FSX then install EU England first and see what happens. There is nothing wrong with the DVD, no scratches or marks that would effect the installation. Will take me a couple of days before starting a full re-install as need a break ffrom it after trying to resolve this issue. Regards Nigel.
  18. Just hope some-one can advise on this problem I have encountered in FSX after deciding to re-install after having a new computer even though I now run X-plane 11. Firstly I have Wales and Scotland Scenery purchased directly from Orbx however, EU England was purchased from Flight Store on DVD many years ago, when I started installing I chose to install EU England first from the DVD followed by all other Orbx Software via FTX Central, however, after taking my first flights I have noticed that some parts of London and Manchester are missing. See Screenshots. BTW, I had everything maxed out for these shots. Sorry, lost Manchester Screenshot but very much the same as this one. Regards Nigel.
  19. If you scroll down all games listed alphabetically including Microsoft Flight Simulator where it is written: “MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR” (XBOX ONE AND WINDOWS 10 PC). The next generation of our longest-running franchise, “Microsoft Flight Simulator,” is coming to Windows 10 with Xbox Game Pass in 2020, and coming to Xbox One at a later date. “Microsoft Flight Simulator” is specifically designed to celebrate flight simulation fans through a focus on the authenticity of flying and visually stunning environments. By revamping our tech, working in close collaboration with the community and pursuing the best partnerships across the industry, we intend to deliver the best-in-class flight simulation experience. https://news.microsoft.com/2019/06/09/xbox-showcases-60-anticipated-games-including-34-to-premiere-in-xbox-game-pass/ Regards Nigel
  20. Discussing this Microsoft Flight Simulation on another forum I am on one member had written that there will be about 2 petabytes of geographical data being used (what that actually works out as in layman's terms is beyond me)! One thing that I do suspect is that this simulation will be run by Microsoft which will only be accessible through X Box game Pass PC Games. Presently they have an offer on for those with PC's: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/xbox-game-pass-for-pc-price-games,news-30301.html However, with this new flight simulation I suspect very strongly that any-one wishing to use it will have to pay a monthly fee to Microsoft and fly on their servers. If this is going to be the case then where does that leave 3rd party developers? Would they have access to Microsoft coding in order to develop? If so what kind of remuneration could they expect from Microsoft for development of aircraft? My personal feeling is that this will be a 'closed shop' and Microsoft will continue to develop/improve what is essentially going to be a streaming simulation. As to the monthly prescriptions, then this could well rise to cover 'development costs of this flight simulation'. The normal charges are about £7.87 a month or thereabouts, over a year that comes to £94.44 without taking into account any price rises (just think how many Orbx Products you can buy for that) Admittedly you will also be able to access over 100 games on-line. At the moment they have a Beta price for August (see link below). For the hard-core simmer that may well be a small price to pay but for me...........I am more than happy to continue flying X_Plane 11 and Orbx Sceneries any day. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-game-pass/pc-games?xr=shellnav Equally, if you just happen to have problems with internet connections i.e. dropping out as mine does sometimes when flying on-line then it can become increasingly frustrating. Regards Nigel.
  21. What the hell are you doing to us John? Here am I extremely happy with TE UK for X Plane 11 and then you come along with this video that has literally blown me out of my chair!! Absolutely brilliant, no other words for it and just imagine flying VR in it. Flight simming just seems to get better. Regards Nigel.
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