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  1. Hi Ian, so very sorry to hear of your heart problem but for the present time you are in the best place for treatment. As one who has had three heart attacks and a stent as well as having heart disease I know too well how this may have hit you. When the time comes for you to return home do not try and carry on as you left off, tiredness will be a pain the the backside but with the right medication you will be fine. Just don't try and do too much, I am sure every-one here will understand if you do not make as many visits here as you normally do. I still get tired but now have learnt how much I can do before resting. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Kind regards Nigel.
  2. Ummm, no not really. Firstly after this accident I went to replay, on watching I had actually held off on the flare and touched down rather late and too late to go around due to low airspeed and the inevitable happened. Secondly I was not going to post this but then again thought I would just to see what the response would be........... but you have so far been very polite in your replies!! Regards Nigel.
  3. Many thanks to Orbx for the kind offer of Courchevel Airport. Unfortunately I don't have any add-on sceneries to enhance this area presently as I usually fly in TE UK so just using the X Plane 11 default scenery. Lined up ready for take-off on the Ski Ramp with the Dornier 228 White Knuckle Ride as Airspeed very slow to build up but made it!! On Final Approach Pulling back hard for the uphill event!! Over the Hump Oh........... @*&$ Regards Nigel.
  4. Congratulations Jack, a great screenshot and sorry for the lateness of posting as unfortunately last week had 2 heart attacks and only just been discharged from hospital yesterday after having stents put in. Coming back to your screenshot, I have never flown the shuttle and whilst I now have plenty of time in hand recuperating, I may well try a few orbits!! Again, well done sir. Regards Nigel.
  5. Just came to me, Just Flight are presently converting the FSX, P3d Vulcan to X-Plane 11. Now that is something worth waiting for. Regards Nigel.
  6. Fantastic shots Ian, I have a lasting legacy from the Vulcans, high frequency deafness!! used to refuel them back in the early 70's the howl of the engines as they practised asymmetrical overshoots was something to hear, far louder than a normal take-off. Whilst waiting to refuel one I parked the bowser just in front and went up into the cockpit for a look round, for such a large aircraft I was taken back by how much of a squeeze it was to sit in the pilots' seat and how small the compartment was for the rear crew. Would have loved to have had a flight in one but alas, no chance, still, I got a flight up in a Canberra with 85 Sqdn when they came to our station whilst they had their runway re-surfaced but had to sit alongside the navigator as the trainer (T5 I think it was called) was unserviceable, just about as good as being in the back of the Vulcan........could see very little! Regards Nigel.
  7. Congrats Adam, great screenshot, well deserved. Regards Nigel.
  8. Many thanks for your kind comments. Regards Nigel.
  9. Just love this aircraft as flew one back in the 1970's as P2. Have to be careful when flying inverted low to the ground as engine will cut out after about 7-8secs so have to make sure that you have plenty of speed to roll out safely and get some height if engine starts to splutter. Regards Nigel.
  10. Saw this on another Forum and have found some articles very good, Canberra Pilot Notes include check list, there is one for the Vulcan Mk B.1A but is more of the systems and emergency procedures. Also for Hunter fans there is the Mk 74A Pilot Notes plus many more including the Lancaster and other WW2 aircraft. Free to download http://www.airwar.ru/other/manuals/ More checklists can be found here (came across it by accident but very pleased I did) some are real aircraft and others for flight simulation but on looking at the Constellation Checklist for FSX it appears to be very good. http://freechecklists.net/ Regards Nigel.
  11. Just found out why I had missing scenery, had downloaded FTX Central 3 as thought the problem may have been associated with the current Orbx Central as my EU England is on a DVD and wrongly thought there might have been some conflict between the two, now feel very guilty for thinking that!! So sorry Orbx! After installing and on the main menu it gave me the option to migrate which I did and now the missing scenery is back in its' full glory and have the complete London Scenery showing as well as Manchester. A simple oversight on my part is now happily rectified though still wondering why the migration put all the missing scenery back in when it was installed already. Regards Nigel.
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