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  1. armchairsimmer, Do it... X-Plane is so much better and smoother, especially with TrueEarthGB. I have i7-700 @ 4.2GHz, 32GB DDR4 and a GTX1080Ti. It runs 40-50+ frames in X-Plane with everything almost full on and in 4K. VR is absolutely amazing and the only thing lacking in X-Plane, and stopping me from ditching P3D, is the lack of support for REX SkyForce at the minute. I love flying in the clouds and X-Plane just hasn't got it yet so, until REX release SkyForce for X-Plane, which they will sooner or later, I have to use P3D for higher altitude flying. So, if you love ORBX and TrueEarthGB, then definitely invest in X-Plane. You will not be disappointed and X-Plane has all of England, Scotland and more, already released... The Scottish Highlands in VR is something to behold.. This video was recorded through my GTX1080Ti software and just shows how smooth the software runs...Make sure you watch in 1080HD... Regards EdmundV PS. There is a moving carrier fleet around the coast of the UK and, yes, you can land on the carrier if you have enough skill....The one in this video is static and has nowhere near as much detail as the animated one.
  2. petehowell57 I just turned Autogen Vegetation Density to 'none' and the scenery is transformed. I can now fly high in the clouds (REX SkyForce) with fantastic scenery below and, although there are none of the above trees, the photoreal scenery gives me the look I want and, with the Autogen Building Density set to Extremely Dense it gives me the opportunity to fly all my FSX (P3D compatible) and P£D aircraft in beautiful VR with fantastic cloud formations and fantastic ORBX TrueEarth scenery below.. Now, if ORBX could just sort out the 'cartoon' looking trees and vegetation then TEGB South for P3D would be up there alongside the other platform releases. I say this as I also have TE Netherlands for AF2 and that is also superb, if not a little flat.... Now for some aircraft installations into my recently re-installed P3D folder...…... Regards EdmundV
  3. Hi Guys, As Update 1 has not been released yet for TEGB South, is there any chance that the London Eye could be animated. It has a very slow rotation and would look amazing to see in flight. Just a thought. Regards EdmundV
  4. Hi Guys, I hate to say it again but I can't help but think that TEGB South for P3D is very poor compared to the X-Plane version, of which I have the entire UK. I am wondering if X-Plane is just a better product than P3D as I also tried TE Netherlands for P3D and was equally disappointed. I am in no way saying the product is bad. I fly X-Plane almost every day and the latest TEGB North is amazing in VR. Flying around the Scottish Highlands is something else but, again, back to my point, TEGB for P3D is just not doing it for me. If I hadn't got the discount for owning the X=-Plane version then I would have been sorely disappointed. I only bought the P3D version so I could use REX SkyForce but, alas, I will have to wait for REX to release for my trusty X-Plane. Maybe my expectations are too high but sorry guys, for me it isn't having the same WOW effect... The first 2 pictures are P3d and the second 2 X-Plane. It just seems like there is so much more happening in X=Plane and the graphics just look so much better. I think the trees in P3D look really false and maybe this is having a massive effect on the overall P3D version. Regards EdmundV
  5. Hi Guys, as you may be aware, I am a huge fan of the TrueEarthGB release and am patiently waiting for the North to appear. However, I have noticed, particularly in the CentralGB release that the Ortho tile quality is letting the product down somewhat. I understand that the zoom level quality has deteriorated because of all the processing prior to release so my question is as follows: Can someone explain the process of replacing the Orbx Ortho tiles with my own using Ortho4xp. I tried after seeing a YouTube video but encountered an issue, I believe it was to do with the overlays conflicting, and the process won't finish. Also, I want zoom level 18 around certain airports and my own towns which will put the Orbx release up there in Gods territory. This is not a knock on the software in any way, just my need to get the best out of it. The building placement, trees, traffic, etc are all excellent and I feel, if the ortho tile quality was enhanced then the product would be unbeatable. Regards EdmundV
  6. Cheers John, not logged in for a while, too busy working and flying. Service pack one, is it available yet or, if not, any clue when to expect it? Cheers..
  7. Hi People, not a gripe here but a sort of suggestion. I have noticed when flying around the country that ALL wind turbines turn in unison. I am sure I am not the only one frustrated by this as, in real life I find it difficult to see a cluster of turbines turning in unison or even at the same speed. I wonder if you guys could release a tiny patch to add some randomness into this tiny bugbear of mine. Regards EdmundV
  8. Hi, in one of my earlier posts it was stated that TrueEarth GB Central was due to be released at the end of November. I am like a kid at Christmas so would there be any further details on a release as we are into December now.... Regards...
  9. John, my 53rd birthday is the 28th November and the wife pre-ordered Fallout76 for me. Hopefully she will have forgot and this, coupled with Manchester Marton will be in the bag. Failing that I suppose I will have to get the trusty credit card out for another sneaky purchase. Thanks for the info pal, you have my money coming your way one way or the other. Regards
  10. Hi fellas, well and truly stunned by TrueEarthGB South and I have to say, having got the Netherlands for AeroflyFS2, I think GB beats it hands down. Maybe it's just the X-Plane engine that enhances the feel but in my opinion it sure is stunning. My question, living in Blackpool and being from Sheffield is obvious; when do you plan on the further releases to complete this stunning package. The hills of the Peak District and Cumbrian mountains, coupled with the Scottish Highlands will certainly ensure these products are as hot if not hotter and will sell by the bucket load upon release. I see your roadmap regarding X-Plane but please don't leave the UK half cocked. I have flown the South for hours and hours and am gagging to go North of that borderline which takes me to the standard X-Plane scenery, great for some but really poor in comparison to your masterpiece. Regards and thanks for giving X-Plane your time.... PS. Manchester Marton airport is a little bit of a non runner without the surrounding TrueEarth scenery to compliment it so there is a double purchase for me when the time comes....
  11. I have posted this elsewhere in the forums but am desperate for a quick reply so, any help would be appreciated... Ok, hopefully I can get a super quick response to this one. I am sat here, wallet in hand, and cannot decide which sim to buy this for. It seems AeroflyFS2 has the best looking videos and is far superior for VR, my main way to fly. But, I am now looking to expand my scenery packages for P3D due to REX SkyForce doing the business in the sky. Can someone from ORBX please advise on this one... Regards
  12. Ok, hopefully I can get a super quick response to this one. I am sat here, wallet in hand, and cannot decide which sim to buy this for. It seems AeroflyFS2 has the best looking videos and is far superior for VR, my main way to fly. But, I am now looking to expand my scenery packages for P3D due to REX SkyForce doing the business in the sky. Can someone from ORBX please advise on this one... Regards
  13. I believe that a fresh install with just a few of my favourite scenery add ons is in order. I like Taburets Grand Canyon and obviously Horizons Gen X England & Wales. Coming from Yorkshire I have a special place in my heart for the Peak District, check out my flight covering some of my favourite places to visit: <<Video deleted by moderator: See forums terms of use>> Time will tell if OrbX can beat this but my hopes are high to say the least. EdmundV
  14. Hi, as stated in previous reply, I tend to search YouTube for product info as what the eye see's cannot lie. I also use Avsim occasionally and always log into Flightsim.com to visit the forums. In summary, my vote goes to YouTube. EdmundV
  15. Hi guys, just to let you know that I, possibly like many, many other keen simmers, only came across 'ftx' last night purely by accident. I watched the video of the upcoming PNW and was totally blown away. I read PC Pilot and have not, as far as I can remember, seen any advertising of this fabulous product and feel that someone should forward a review of both the Austrailia scenery and the PNW. I am certain that if people were aware of these packages then 'orbx' would command extensive sales and valuable revenue to enable further development of what looks to be the best ever scenery add on for any flight sim (I have tried 'em all). Thanks guys and I look forward to placing my order just as soon as my next paycheck arrives. You have me hooked! EdmundV
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