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  1. Holy cow, those are stunning shots! The 3rd one - MS was teasing us with something like that when FSX was about to come out. They never got even clos. But now...
  2. All that looks more than stunning, more than gorgeous. Finally we are where many of us have been yearning to be for long. I will have to wait for the P3D version, but I really love what I see here. Just beautiful!
  3. Regarding LOD14 vs LOD15: I'd opt for JV's second proposal with a LOD14 seasons package as an option in addition to the LOD15 summer package. Maybe there is even room for a "LOD14-other seasons addon package" to the LOD15 summer package that uses LOD15 in summer and LOD14 in the other seasons? Regarding the FTXCentral discussion a short personal story and opinion: I haven't been flying for som time now. I recently got a new computer and bought P3D so I can finally make the switch from my old FSX. And boy, so many things have changed! It's not easy migrating from the old to the new platform when one did not keep up with all developments in the flightsim world (and I was quite adept some time back with FSX and all its folder stuff). Many questions even came up when I tried using FTXCentral for the first time, and digging through the forums for answers is quite time consuming. In the light of all this I second those who aks for a FTXCentral that helps the user more in terms of personal backup, folder locations and the like. I'd seriously appreciate it. Thanks
  4. Well good luck Mark! Hope to see some of your artwork again in the future.
  5. Hi Fred, no offence intended I'm living in Germany, near Cologne. It's quite flat here, and we've got the same snow problem. Cheers, Alex
  6. Those previews look fantastic! May I suggest something for the "hard winter" season: In the Netherlands there is hardly a full snow or ice cover, even in the hard winter months - just like in the adjacent countries Even very cold days with temperatures below 0°C don't nessecarily mean much snow, it's more like this. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ac/bf/3e/acbf3e626f142bcd55b0295f9f89e650.jpg A "patched" look with patches of snow as well as brown/green areas might be more suitable, if the photo processing allows something like that.
  7. In some parts of Germany and other European countries there are vast areas of rapeseed fields. They are indeed almost neon yellow in spring. I can assure you that the Orbx textures come quite close to the real thing. If you fly in summer, the yellow colours will be gone.
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