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  1. I re-installed P3D Scenery as suggested, but no change. So reinstalled (repaired) P3D totally: No Change. Reinstalled relevant ORBX LC (NA)+Global Base (again). Now I seem to have really messed things up as black areas are appearing everywhere, globally! I will repeat that and include Vector. If NOGO, I will build up the courage to totally uninstall and reinstall P3D! BTW, is there a quicker way to reinstall ORBX than download those huge files again each time (via FTX Central)?
  2. Looking back over my "Problems" notes, I may have erroneously identified ReShade as ENVSHADE, which is what I had the problem with. If they are not the same, my bad, and apologies. If they are, then I had a problem some time ago, fixed by uninstalling ReShade. PS: Are they the same??? It was some time ago, so I can't recall the problem specifically, but the "Fix" was to uninstall ReShade. I hear what you say that it is a P3D problem. Thanks as it gives me a different place to look for such future problems.
  3. I second the reasons and great results using Rex EF+PTA+ASP4. I also found ENVSHADE caused some problems,so I deleted it.
  4. Hi Nick, Thanks for taking the time on a weekend to address this. For MWCR: It is default version (P3Dv4.5). I did not find any file like Melonsuti reports. MWCR does not appear anywhere in P3D default scenery files. I did try a version by another developer, but it was the same, except that it actually showed a concrete runway, but gave me black areas around the runway. I did all the usual stuff, like reinstall Global Base and Open LC NA, to no avail. Further research tells me that it is possibly a problem with how the author used the FX Editor to create the airport. All other airports are fine, so I can live with this. Of course, it is always nice to know the why.
  5. Hi, I know this is an old problem but I can't get an answer after many searches about a solution that works. Problem is that MWCR is the wrong levation and my aircraft is buried in a grass runway which is supposed to be concrete. The taxiways and buildings are fine. My question is: Is this an ORBX isssue, or something else? I have uninstalled all relevant FTX Global apps: Vector, Oopen LC North America, Base but it remains the same.
  6. Just wondering if this replaces the V1. Do I have to install both? Same question for North America OpenLC and North America, Canda and Alaska. Both needed? Thanks.
  7. Looks awesome. Can't wait! BTW, Morton Island in QLD (v1) could sure do with adding the highly-visited lighthouse on the Northern tip, and the very popular wrecks near the resort on the south tip. These are HUGE visitor draws to that beautiful island. I bet you already added those, right?
  8. Hi Nick & Doug, Sorry, I did not see the previous posts on this problem as I scanned the Forum. Nevertheless, thanks so much for your indulgence in giving me the fix for this. Regards, Geoff
  9. Hi guys, I own a whole lot of ORBX stuff: Global base, Global Vector, Open LC NA, Open LC Europe, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, HD Trees and a few airports. I am registered with you in this forum and FTX Central so assuming you can view my account? Just in case, I purchased a few from FSS - Order FSS0434382 back in 12/2015. So here's the problem: Strangest thing: Red word "Winter" is appearing all over my UTX scenery (Running W10, P3Dv4.1). I have consulted with Scenery Solutions and received the following from their Certified Specialists: "What you are seeing is tiles that are in the sim but were used for development which is why they have the season markings on them. They date back to FSX and were never removed after its release. I have never seen them show up in the sim with UTX but I highly suspect this is in fact a Orbx issue where they have altered iclookup.bgl and even though you think you disabled Orbx, it really isn't completely restored. Their control files overwrite default. I suspect those test tile numbers from the old Aces FSX developments days are being used by Orbx with their control files and graphic installs". I am attaching a screenshot which also has coordinates so you can see this for yourself. At least I would if I could figure out how to upload the .jpg without an error 200. Would appreciate if you would let me know how this can be fixed, please. Thank you, Geoff
  10. Thank you Richard for the FANTASTIC job you did around Newcastle (and the rest of the British Isles).
  11. Wow!! Thanks for heads-up Nick, and great work Richard! Just fantastic, and so quickly! Thank you guys, no Geordie simmer can be unhappy now! (I was so inspired, I just purchased Ireland and Northern Ireland. So now I have the whole of the British Isles (politically correct I hope)). Keep up the great work.
  12. Thanks for all your responses. Glad to see the ORBX Team also feel there could be some improvement. Now they are well aware us "UK types" (trying to be politically correct) would like some more accurate details over the whole of (at least) England, I am sure they will do their magic soon. Phobocop, I was so upset at our Geordie area missing these icons, I didn't go as far as the Angel. Now you say it is there, I will take another flyover. As I said, great products - only way is up.
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