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  1. The title says “UK True Earth”, so I’m assuming TE GB, one or all of them? South, Central and North? Pictures would be helpful, but if you are referring to “quality” of the textures, or blurryness, then try an altitude of 2500ft or higher. I don’t think the resolution is HD, for GB. It IS for the Netherlands, and I can fly at 1000ft there with beautiful graphics. England, not so much. Flying higher really helps the immersion though. if it’s something else, more information is definitely needed.
  2. I don’t think it matters, you can still activate/deactivate what you want to use. ie. deactivate the NA Cali region, and leave TE activated, you will see TE. If you want Seasons, deactivate TE, and activate the Cali region. All done in Scenery Addons of course, tick (activated) untick (deactivated). Thats my understanding anyway.
  3. Just for information, it does NOT cover the whole area of NA NorCal. It’s a little bit short at the North end at least. just so you know.
  4. I’m not a fan of subscriptions either to be honest. I prefer to buy, or wait until I can buy. It’s gonna take me a long time to catch up with all the latest products, but I’ll get there eventually.
  5. I’m am happy to report that all seems well after today’s patch for True Earth South. I flew pretty much the same route I did for the report, and didn’t see anything wrong. In fact it looked pretty amazing to be honest. I’d just like to thank the team for a speedy fix for this issue, so thank you all, and well done on a beautiful scenery. Very much appreciated.
  6. I believe that particular check box needs to be ticked if you have Australia v2 installed. If you still have the first version, it should be left un-ticked. That’s my understanding anyway.
  7. I have all of the UK regions, EU England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are Land Class Products, which are very nice indeed. Certainly a vast improvement over default, and quite immersive. GB South, Central and North, are as previously mentioned, True Earth products. Photo realistic textures with I believe, hand placed trees and buildings etc. Very good for VFR, as mentioned, so you can follow roads rivers, etc if you are familiar. My only problem with it is the quality, it’s too low for my taste. I would prefer a higher definition like the Netherlands. I can fly there at 1000ft msl, and it’s very clear and beautiful. In England I need to be at or above 2500ft, any lower and it’s not so clear. I will say though, when I had a look around the Lake District, it was amazing. The textures are done in such a way, it makes it look like you have a very high definition mesh. Very impressive I have to say. The True Earth Products take a LOT of disk space though, be warned. Both sets are worth getting in my opinion.
  8. In theory I agree with Nick, but personally I don’t trust my internet provider that much, so I tend to verify files just to make sure I don’t have corrupt files through internet problems. I feel better knowing I’ve done all I can my end, making support easier if something goes wrong.
  9. Go into Orbx central and “Verify files” for your regions.
  10. I agree with what you guys are saying, TE is indeed much nicer to fly over, especially for VFR. And yes I suppose BOTH have their benefits. My point though, and this is only because I’ve been out of flying for some years now, I am way, WAY, behind with my product purchases. So I’ve been trying to catch up. I have only recently bought Germany, because LC products are way better than the default scenery. I’m pretty sure we can all agree with that? Global is basic replacement for default, but LC products are a step UP from that, yes? REGIONS are another step up, with me so far? And of course TE is yet another step up. Maybe the TOP step? I bought TE England because I’ve had England regions for years, and pretty much seen it all. But as I’ve only just bought Germany, I’d like to get some use out of it, before I throw it away so to speak. That’s why I personally hope it’s not Germany. Nothing to do with not liking Germany, or liking France better, but simply because with England done well, Germany (I’m assuming) also done pretty well, it would give us a very large European area with very nice scenery. My France is just Global right now, a region or TE would be better.
  11. Okay Nick, that’s fair enough. At least it isn’t some sort of oversight, that’s good to hear. Thanks for the answer.
  12. I personally don’t understand the sense in doing a True Earth country which already has a region. You end up buying 2 products for the same place. Where’s the sense in that? The only reason I still have the England regions, is because I’ve bought them. Granted it was a long time ago, but now I have bought a “newer” product True Earth England, I don’t use the English regions anymore. If Orbx brought out True Earth Germany any time soon, I personally wouldn’t buy it. Simply because I have only just bought the German regions. They would do better if the new True Earth region was France, then you could fly a good part of Europe within a decent region. Just my opinion.
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