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  1. A great quality freeware YBSU Sunshine Coast has already been done by OzX.
  2. Hard to know. If you don't already, you can use Aurasim to calculate landing performance for the Majestic Q400. There is a small fee to subscribe but you can then put in your departure/destination airports and other performance data and it will give you all your V speeds for takeoff and landing along with the margin. Out of curiosity, I used it for ENNK and here is what I got. (113m remaining, bit tight if you ask me!) https://imgur.com/a/EfzmH
  3. The terminals have had significant changes (extensions & overhauls to jetways etc), there is new carparking and the new runway is under construction. The Orbx YBBN is actually pretty good but the airport has just changed a fair bit since then.
  4. I've been using it Jack & so far I'm very happy with it. From what I can tell it hasn't had an impact on FPS or VAS for me but then I haven't been measuring either. I can still complete a flight I could complete before without running into issues while using it if that makes sense.
  5. Hi YSSY, I'm not sure if you are aware but there is currently a great freeware version of YBHM by Anthony Lynch if you are looking for one. It's available on OzX to download. I'm not sure about the others though.
  6. Hi Mohamed, My experience is limited but I will try help as best I can. I recently built a new PC and also got the 7700K. To keep costs low initially I only opted for a CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 Evo, one of the cheaper air coolers around. I intent to change this down the track. Currently my CPU is running at 4.5ghz and temps with my air cooler never exceed 76 degrees - prior to a recent BIOS update they ran a bit higher but are fine now. So to answer your question, if you have happy with temps like that and are planning to get a much better air cooler I think you would be fine as opposed to going liquid cooling.
  7. Great video! Good to see it's going well.
  8. I have SimStarter NG and at startup it allows you to select which simulator (FSX or P3D) you wish to use it with. It is a confusing at first but allows a lot of options which once setup, I've found the sim loads/runs faster.
  9. Feel free to mark this one as solved. Thanks for the help Adam.
  10. Hmm was hoping there might be another way. I will try a reinstall of NZMF & NZQN and see how that goes!
  11. Few hops in Hawaii perhaps? Get the global freeware NA airports that includes a few for Hawaii.
  12. Hi there, I tried a search and couldn't find anything that helped me so apologies for having to post. I have just finished installing NZSI, NZMF & NZQN on a new PC with FTXC3. I have got elevation issues at both NZQN & NZMF (sunken) I have run AEC in Orbx Vector but this hasn't fixed it. I remember from a while back the solution was to run NZSI installer again but wonder if that is still the case with FTXC3? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Nick, I installed it into FSX SE. Same issue with no control panel.
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