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  1. Ok, looks that fixed the issue. Thanks
  2. Having issues with RJAA not appearing correctly.
  3. Looks like that solved it. When P3D started it said Australia V2 wasn't found. Do I to reinstall all the Orbx sceneries.
  4. I havent flown here in awhile, but it was working correctly and now it not. I have followed all the steps in the forum for KACK and its still not working. I uninstalled and reinstalled both KACK and Object Flow and a folder was already created.
  5. So I have the latest versions of PMDG 777 and QW787 aswell as the latest vesion of FSUIPC, but when I run the verify files I get this message "We have detected that FSUIPC might not be installed properly on your system. Please download and Install FSUIPC as it is required for some of our products to work. " But I dont get this message when I very files for the PMDG 737NGXu .
  6. None of my optios are saving in KSAN. I selected no static aircraft, but they are still appearing. I also select 3d cars and boats and they are not appearing.
  7. Hey..Thanks looks like that fixed the issue.
  8. Hello, I have FTX Global, NA,Southern Cal and VEctor installed along with Orbx KSAN and I have double jetways.
  9. It shows FTX Global Open Lc North America/ Alaska/ Canada has been migrated to my account, but when I try to update it, it will not let me, it saids to migrate it to my account or is FTX Global Open Lc North America the same as FTX Global Open Lc North America/ Alaska/ Canada.
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