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  1. hello! i own various ORBX products such as ORBX global, ORBX trees, FTX southern alaska, ORBX juneau/PAJN and recently i found that when i try to apply any region in my FTX central 2 to my FSX steam edition it says scenery.cfg not found and the regions do not apply properly and install with mesh bugs, scenery missing, etc. how can i solve this? i can provide you any information needed
  2. i installed it, its great and love it so much but when i hit apply it still says cannot locate scenery.cfg file and half of the PAJN scenery flow doesnt apply (the plane and persons) why is it?
  3. i did, that other problem is solved and now it runs great, however i had to install it manually as it wouldnt install when i selected apply, but this problem remains, the grass is now activated but the other object flow are still not working, please help, i really want to activate those as they bring life to the airport , i can provide you any info, pics and screenshots you need
  4. hello, i installed ORBX global, southern alaska and PAJN airport on my FSX-SE and all of them run great but some regions on alaska such as the glaciers and some photo real scenery are missing, i have updated and reinstalled it various times still doesnt work, PLEASE HELP i can provide all the info of my pc you ask for
  5. hello, i have ORBX global, alaska southern region and PAJN international (located within my FTX region) i have them instaled, working great but the object flow on the airport isnt applying, that being static grass, static planes, people flow, all that stuff, i have the, checked but they wont apply, how can i solve that?
  6. hello, i recently bought ORBX global and when i installe dit on FSX-SE only the trees, buildings installed, not the ground textures, i have sleected each and every one od the options, hybrid, non-hybrid all the options given by the FTX central and still wont install the ground textures why?
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