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  1. Need some clarification here guys please. The M4 Severn bridge does not appear in my install... yet I have spotted the bridge in some screen shots on the forums...any thoughts?
  2. What support you talking about??... the product is installed and working as it should! ...Hot as the title of this topic is saying but perhaps a bit out of the oven though! ;-)
  3. Had that too. After download go into settings and click on verify files tab. FTC central will verify and download approx. 25mb of missing files. Don`t ask me why though!
  4. No disrespect John, but M4 Severn bridge is a big point of interest and landmark. Find it a bit strange this one is missing. In terms of building density in VR things not looking that great even on max.. Saying that XP frames suffer there a bit anyway. Yes, a nice product although my Orthos at 17 looked crisper somehow. I very much look forward for FS2 version which I will stick with until hopefully Vulcan implementation in XP will better matters. Do we have an eta for FS2 version and how much will cost for us XP takers?
  5. I think a lot of others should learn from ORBX and you John...quick response, keeping in touch with customers, keeping things clear and as simple as possible etc...Respect for that!
  6. I have a date tmrw...but if the dload it`s done might cancel :-)
  7. ...I would rally for FS2 release as frames are way better than XP11 ! :-) lol
  8. Re FTX Central...its the latest version? That`s what I have atm!
  9. ...that will be very useful for VR users like myself...thank you!
  10. I fly in VR...frames are poor atm in XP even with my new 2080Ti. I look forward for FS2 version as I know that engine offers better fluidity!
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