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  1. Should we celebrate with the release of SP1 for England south today ? :-)
  2. Happy Birthday...to best screen taker on the site! :-)
  3. I fly in VR...only...anything with that frame count is of no interest to me. It looks that more and more people favour VR nowadays so as someone here suggested porting to FS2 will be very nice indeed!
  4. So when is that time John, as we are waiting for some time now?...no pressure, just ball park rough estimate please if you don't mind.
  5. I take Vulkan anytime given a choice!...and why we cannot have a simple gama slider in XP, that will help us a lot, VR users!?
  6. Two questions...when you do EGGD Bristol and when we will have SP1 for the South available to dload ?
  7. 1.4v, Hyperthreading must be disabled. XMP mem ON. Cooling is on Corsair closed loop 120mm radiator. Temps in AIDA around 70C on stress test. Good airflow in Lian Li big case. 1.3v not enough, you need to go higher. You should get 5GHz with ease.
  8. ..how about FS2 John as I am fed up with the poor frames and stutters in XP 11 ?
  9. ...So do we have a time schedule for a patch to fix this and the various other issues, as missing objects of interest eg: bridges... etc. ?
  10. Interested to know how you can do that. Same walk through/ advice much appreciated.
  11. I appreciate the product had to be released, however I am surprised that some important landmarks have been missed or not included. No big deal but some info on schedule of updates with what will be prioritised will be welcome.
  12. Confirm the old bridge can be seen but not the new one. Ian also posted pictures to confirm this. So the product is in need of an update. This is an important landmark so presume will be treated as a priority somehow. Some reassurance from John will be nice and very much appreciated on this subject. Great otherwise although Orthos at 18 or 19 would have been much nicer...particularly in VR. That`s nowhere near how the bridge suppose to look like, this is a generic bridge XP11 throws in... the old bridge can be seen in the distance:
  13. Got my answer...that is not how the Severn bridge looks like...this is a default bridge which XP generates, disappointed with that! Thank you Ian for the pics!
  14. ….have done that Ian...can you please actually look and see what if it`s present?
  15. Hi Ian, can you please have a look at this, it seems I cannot get a reply. Curious if you have the bridge on your install! Cheers, Michael
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