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  1. Yes Steve you can but takes hours of downloading and it`s a fair steep learning curve for many. I am surprised that John decided to leave this feature behind as he was talking a fair bit about it as a nice addition to SP1. Anyway I am glad they will release something as the original had many omissions and various graphics imperfections. I only fly in VR so everting is fairly blown up and various misalignments etc show a lot more than on a monitor.
  2. Yes, but don`t just assume everyone here knows or is prepared (or) have the time to put the effort into creating tiles!
  3. I only fly in VR and I agree AFS 2 performs the best. There is potential in XP11 but they need to sort out Vulcan which seems to never arrive :-(. Prepar is poor in terms of performance and visuals. Personally I don't use it anymore.
  4. This was announced 6th Nov 2018...it is now March 2019! What impatience we talking about?
  5. Sorry to hear that John. If you missed that... which I doubt, make sure you have the latest Nvidia drivers ( if you have of course an NV card )….there is a special note that with the latest Pitool version the headset will be not recognised otherwise.
  6. What is your PC spec ? Try 3jFPS https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/43281-3jfps-wizard11/
  7. Yes, they seem to have customer support issues as reading at the forum. I ordered 5 Jan, no news so far. If you have snowy pixel effects apparently it`s the cable at fault. They quite quick though to offer replacement. Hope all goes well, let us know how it feels. I gather your SP1 on GB South + Pimax should rock !
  8. Good news...the highlight of my day! :-) ....all I need then is my Pimax to turn up!
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