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  1. Why the moderators are closing down all post related to Marketplace update release options
  2. Yes, Marketplace I meant. Do you have an ETA for the patch update there ? How is Orbx working towards a resolution ?
  3. Really?...how do you know that?...the latest info is that Orbx is working with Microsoft towards a resolution with 2 pos version to the product. It does not say the fix or fixes have been submitted and Microsoft is holding them back!. Saying that a lot of people complaining here that there are still issues remaining!
  4. Sorry Nick, but it`s not good enough, you are using Marketplace to sale and receive revenue for your products, customers should have access to updates. If the platform you use to sell your products is slow or not up to the task you should take it up with them not us the customers!
  5. Great...yes...when the updated software will be available on Marketplace then ?
  6. Can you please make sure that in the future you synchronize releases with Marketplace in good time ?...why we always have to wait ? It`s frustrating!
  7. I do not have this problem as I cannot use the software at all...I purchased at sim market...we always last there ! :-(
  8. ...yes indeed...they land and then mysteriously disappear off the runway !
  9. Sadly you are right....total joke really, very disappointing!
  10. Confirm update available at Marketplace by un-install and re-install.... No, I was mistaken, same v 1.00 version present. Will ask for a refund.
  11. ...It`s a patch like many other patches. It should be there for people to download in an executable file regardless of the place of purchase.
  12. We should be offered a refund if we cannot update. Ultimately this is an Orbx product and feel that after sales support should be fulfilled even though the product has been purchased from Marketplace.
  13. I am in the same situation unfortunately. I wonder if there is any way how the patch can be installed "manually". Very disappointing indeed that Marketplace customers cannot update!
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