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  1. I note Fly Tampa are now an Orbx partner but for MSFS 2020 at least there only appears to be Sydney available at the moment whereas Las Vegas and Copenhagen are on sale elsewhere. I would prefer to keep my purchases tidy. I made the mistake of buying Moscow through the MSFS Marketplace. Can we expect all Fly Tampa airports for MSFS 2020 at least to appear in Orbx Central idc?
  2. Your interest is appreciated. You sound European. In winning our FA Cup in 1988 we should have played in the Cup Winners Cup the following year. That didn't happen because certain other British clubs fans caused a lot of trouble. At least we qualified.
  3. I note several London football grounds have been updated. As an owner of many Orbx products and supporter of AFC Wimbledon and Wimbledon FC for longer than I care to remember may I ask when this is next done may I make plea that as as personal favour that my clubs brand new ground in the SW17 end of Plough Lane Wimbledon/Tooting is added. If you need pictures I am sure that can be arranged. Up to May we played in Kingston upon Thames. Chelsea now use the ground for their ladies team. It would be good to see that aswell.
  4. They are indeed for FSX and P3D. They say 'We have decided to withdraw our commercial products from sale'. Which is pretty clear. and 'We are not currently planning any add-ons for MS Flight Simulator 2020'.
  5. It looks like Scotflight have retired! If my guess is right I would like to thank them for their excellent previous add on products and their honesty about not taking advantage of a massive marketing oppotunity which MSFS represents. I am sure Orbx are well aware of the situation. Are there any plans for Orbx to produce Scottish scenery? My visit to view the Old Man of Hoy revealed that is an area not well represented in the new sim?
  6. FYI My first two attempts to run this add on resulted in MSFS crashing almost immediately. I uninstalled tried again fine. Reinstalled....this time no problem.
  7. See the tangle of rusting metal just off the viewing tower? That was once the magnificent West Pier which amongst other things was here some scenes in 'Oh What a Lovely War' was filmed in 1968. My pal and I 13 years old used to get on a train at Clapham Junction to fish there train fare 8 shillings and 6d return. 45p.
  8. Very interesting. As 4 engined planes were landed on the short airstrip (for the museum) as recently in the early 21st century do you think we could suggest that Orbx consider making a novelty airport at Brooklands with Wisley as a bonus when they have some spare time? Which I don't suppose will be anytime soon. I regularly walk my dog on the runway. Maybe it would be an interesting challenge for a budding designer. Taking a VC10 from Brooklands all the way to Wisley (all the way to the other side of the A3) would have buckets of appeal to all pilots that enjoy the interesting bits. Take off and landing. It could be the airliner communities answer to the short hop from Westray to Papa Westray. Re the farm strip. RUSHETT FARM: Private airfield Operated by: Mr B Woodhall Location: E of A243, S of B280, 2nm W of Epsom, 4nm NNE of Leatherhead Period of operation: Early 1970s to - Runways: 2001: 02/20 350x15 grass 2007: 02/20 450x30 grass NOTES: A very unusual private strip, just outside the London (Heathrow) CTR. Although today a base for several aircraft plus a aircraft repair/restoration business in 1976/7 it appears that only the Helio H.295 Courier G-BAGT was based here. http://www.ukairfieldguide.net/airfields/RushettFarm While I am at it some might be interested to know that the line from Waterloo to Chessington South opened 6 weeks before WW2 began. That was the end of the project. The line was intended to go on to Leatherhead and there would have been a station at Malden Rushett. Some preparatory work got very near to the crossroads at MR. There was for a time a bridge over Chalky Lane.
  9. It used to be OK. I discovered the rotten wood when I reinstalled the Real Air Scout etc....
  10. So it does. It rather looks like a 'where you can have a moan' link. It is commendable that Orbx provide support of course. May I suggest considering either changing the wording on the existing link or putting a tab at the top or perhaps inviting newbies to to the various forums which are not just about when something has gone wrong.
  11. Thanks. No problem making purchases. It was access to the forums I meant. There was a link in FTX Central any reason why not in Orbx Central?
  12. Thanks. On investigation actually the Orbx enties aren't showing. there. I recently acquired the FS Dream Team scenery for Hawaii and that appears there. My Library is on my 2nd drive whereas P3Dv4 is installed on a WD drive number 3.
  13. Am I missing something? Why can't I find link to the Orbx web site in Orbx Central? Small point but may I suggest one is added in an update?
  14. The Orbx Items that I have chosen to install outside the P3Dv4 folder are no longer appearing in the scenery library. It is located on another drive....because that is wher I have the space. Is that the problem? I could swear it was working when the option originally became available. Where/what are the 'rules'?
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