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  1. Awesome, thanks a bunch for the feedback Todd! I'll definitely give Pilot Edge a try, sounds great - Benjamin
  2. Love the landing shot as well! One of my fav birds!
  3. Thanks everyone Really love the many challenging approaches surrounding Pago Pago! Looks like my friend is going to invest in some ORBX scenery now as well *winks*. - Benjamin
  4. Morning All Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Took some video capture through ShadowPlay while performing VFR approaches across the Pago Pago region. Thought I'd share via video below. I'm not much of a "YouTuber", but my friend wanted to check out P3D and some ORBX scenery on my PC. https://youtu.be/lqdOIkWdSw8 - Benjamin
  5. Good Evening All, Quick question for this wonderful community! Does anyone happen to have recommendations for a solid virtual airline to join? I'm currently working towards my private pilots license, and would love to join a community of hobbyists, enthusiasts, pilots, etc. Any resources, links, or even VA names would be much appreciated! Thanks! Benjamin
  6. Thanks everyone! Yep I originally checked both the previous orders page and download file links within my account, but nothing showed up. Though I've very good news regardless FSS support got back to me, and manually added the paid for but incomplete order to my account! So it looks like I'm doing a first-time flight over AUS later tonight *cheers*. - Benjamin
  7. Yea, thanks everyone. I'll give FSS 48 hours during the new business week to reply. I used my business capital one card, and Cap1 is super responsive when it comes to charges without product delivery. But I suspect FSS will be just fine to work with on this. Never had problems with them before as well. I'll let ya all know how it goes. - Benjamin
  8. Hi Bruce, The charge card was hit, and processed successfully. But the purchase doesn't show up under my transaction history... - Benjamin
  9. Good Afternoon All, While I've had dozens of successful purchases through flightsimstore.com, unfortunately the latest purchase failed to finalize and return to the website with proper download links. I grabbed ORBX's Australia, Melbourne (YMML), and Cairns (YBCS) , and can't wait to begin exploring this lovely new continent. When flightsimstore problems arise like this, do we simply go through their direct support methods? Or can something be done by ORBX support as well? Thanks gang! Benjamin
  10. How I'd love the northeast or central east coast! Despite moving to Summerlin, NV this month from CT, I'd love to fly my native region!
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