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  1. Hi All, A few pics from a flight I took today out of Sydney through some storms. Cheers Michael
  2. Nice set of shots, the weather up here recently has made for some interesting flying.
  3. Lovely part of the world, nice set of shots.
  4. Lovely shots Adam, really liking the trees.
  5. Hi All, Been playing around with shaders and lighting a bit over the last few days. Felt like the standard P3D lighting was a bit too dull. Think I am finally at the point where I am happy with the set up so I can forget about settings and start flying.
  6. Really nice set of shots Chunk, looks like you have your sim set up really nice.
  7. Really nice set of shots, lighting and reflections are perfect.
  8. Nice flight, makes me think that I need to get out of Australia more often in the sim and do some exploring.
  9. Looking good Doc, loving your clouds.
  10. Looks like it was a fun flight. Nice set of shots.
  11. That first shot is a really good one. Nice work.
  12. A good excuse to go on another flight once you get them installed, although as Rodger Mentioned, fair chance there is somewhere flat enough to set down out there.
  13. Nice set of pics there Jack, I do hope you had your seatbelt on for number 2 and 3.
  14. Some nice shots there Mike, very realistic looking.
  15. Amazing scenery. Looks like a night flight.
  16. Nice set of pics, I am very tempted to purchase the new 340.
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