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  1. Happy Birthday and I hope you get better. I've been away from flight simming for a few years but I am back with MSFS 2020. I spent a week in the ICU on oxygen with Covid and pneumonia in October, luckily I did not have to go on a ventilator, but having COPD I was nervous. Get better soon.
  2. My land a mighty, I have not logged on in forever, been flying space games, lol. Anyway, I downloaded Volanta and took it for a spin, it worked great but I could not get it to highlight my flight path from my from and too airports, but I could clearly see my plane's icon as it moved along. I set up the departure and arrival airports in Volanta, not in another program then copy and pasted or loaded a plan, etc... Also, I would zoom in close but it would automatically zoom back out. Seems like it will be a really nice app, already is, I just need to get it figured out. Great to be back and enjoying Orbx scenery and utilities in MSFS 2020.
  3. Woo Hoo, they did it, I must get it.
  4. The helicopters are great fun to learn and fly in also.
  5. Been there, done that, soloed in a Cessna 150, and later a Citabria in preparation for flying a conventional gear ultralight a friend designed. It would whip around and ground loop faster than a rattlesnake strikes, lol. Then in the Army 6000+ miles from home I almost broke my neck, two surgeries, titanium hardware, cadaver bones, and permanent damage .
  6. Thank you all, and sorry it took a while to reply. I added a couple of new hard drives and Windows 10 and have not had a chance to get very much done yet. I shall give multiplayer A TRY WHEN I GET BACK ON p3d EVENTUALLY. I REMEMBER SHARING A HELICOPTOR RIDE WITH A FELLOW FROM bc AND HE TOOK ME ON A TOUR OF HIS NEIGHBORHHOD BACK WHEN fsx FIRST CAME OUT, sorry for the caps lock, wasn't yelling, lol. Windows 10 is temporarily installed on my 4TB HDD for now, I am going to install it on the SSD, but Oculus Rift will only initially install onto the same drive as Windows, and now you can move it to another drive somehow, but rather than deal with that while I am feeling weak and cruddy I will just do it later. When done I will have Windows 10 on it's own SSD so if it fails I will not have to reinstall every program I have. Programs ill be on a 4TB drive, data on a 1TB drive, and there is a 2TB hybrid drive for whatever. I have no idea really. Thanks for all the great ideas.
  7. Use to fly a lot before I injured my neck, will get a sport pilot certificate some day.
  8. I especially love flying in VR with Oculus Rift, and before VR flying was my only PC sim/game, but I may be burnt out with flying for now. With VR I have branched out and found new loves, racing, trucking simulation, artwork in VR, etc... I added a joystick and throttle mount to my office chair and they fall perfectly to hand with my Thrustmaster controls, but I only flew for 5 minutes and grew bored and immediately put my steering wheel and H-shifter back in place and put my flight controls and rudder pedals away, like they have been for a couple of months at least. I have hundreds of hours in every flight simulation (MSFS to P3D, not all the others) and I hope this is just a temporary thing as I have tons of money in flight simulation also. I am no longer interested in 2D simming at all, even for screenshots and videos. I seem to only look in the VR forums here and at Avsim anymore. I want to enjoy flying again, maybe I just need a little break and someday it will be new to me again.
  9. Excellent job, I'd love to have a sim pit for some flights and have it to where I can fly VR some flights.
  10. Happy Birthday to one of the best artists there is.
  11. It came out on my Birthday on the 15th but I just got it today. And it is the best BD gift I got, I love it. It is the performance, scenery, etc, I have always dreamed of. I have a little flashing but sure the NVIDIA settings will take care of that. Thanks Jarred, JV, and all the rest.
  12. Happy Birthday John hope it's a good one...and to me too, woo hoo.
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