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  1. I just noticed a bug today, nothing too serious, I was heading Northeast about 060*, but my compass was reading 210*, about 180* out of whack.
  2. Very reasonably priced, count me in when it's released on Orbx. Are you adding it to the MSFS marketplace or do we buy direct from you on my Orbx control panel?
  3. I'm betting there's a simple solution to this and I'm a complete idiot! I have a ton of Orbx products for X-plane. I was having issues with my x-plane so I went to verify the files of the products I bought, I opened my Orbx Central, and accidentally clicked the "Offline" button, so now I can't do anything because I'm in offline mode. If I close Orbx central and re-open it, I'm STILL in Offline mode. I even get the message "WARNING, YOU ARE IN OFFLINE MODE". SOooo how in heck do I get back into ONLINE mode?? I've clicked everything, why isn't there just a simple button that says "Go Online"? What am I doing wrong? Help...please...before I'm completely bald.
  4. Thank you Jon, He's new to X-Plane, a bit lost, so I'll sort it out for him.
  5. Hi, I was helping a friend install his Washington TrueEarth, apparently he had his ORBX Central auto installer pointed at the wrong folder, so I got that all sorted out for him and got his Washington TE installed properly and working. But I have a question. Somehow his ORBX Central created a backup folder. He has a small C drive, and has his X-Plane on his large D drive. ORBX Central is now correctly downloading to his X-Plane on his D drive, but is sending this backup folder to his C drive, which is filling his C drive right up, well into the red zone. My ORBX Central is not creating a backup (maybe an option in Central, so I assume you don't need itl) so he asked me if he can delete that ORBX Central backup folder from his C drive to make room. I told him I think he can, but not to until I ask you guys. He doesn't need that backup folder for ORBX Central to run properly does he? If no, is there a way in ORBX Central to turn off making a "Backup folder"? Thanks
  6. Thank you Smudger, that was it, forgot to look in the taskbar tray..
  7. Thank you so much, I deleted everything and forgot about the task bar tray. As I said, sorry for the outburst, but it was after several hours of pulling my hair out. All good now.
  8. Now check this out, I went to add/remove programs, deleted ORBX Central, then went to task Manager (CNTRL/ALT/DELETE) deleted every process that said ORBX Central. Went back to roaming, and tried to delete the ORBX folder to do a fresh install, and got this message "ORBX is Running" How can that be? I deleted it with add/remove
  9. Sorry, no luck... I removed the .json. then retarted Central, I got this Europe page pop up, with "Migrate files" trying to load, the circle kept just going round and round, so then I went to add/remove, delected Central, then went to Downloads, clicked on Central install, and this window popped up saying Central is already running when I had uninstalled it. Can you please tell me everything I need to delete to get a completely fresh install.
  10. What's going on? This new ORBX Central 4.0.33 is a piece of crap!! Doesn't work. re-installed, it's now impossible to use. So how am I supposed to buy anything? Look at the screenshot. This is what I get when I open ORBX Central. Where are the menus on the left side? Now unusable. Better clean this up before MSFS2020 comes out or I'm gone.
  11. John told me you could use DD Seattle airports if you removed their mesh. Does anyone have instructions on how to do that?
  12. Any updated news on that? Have you tried any of them with TrueEarth? I can live with it if the match is fairly close.
  13. John, do you know if KAWO Arlington will mesh with your Washington TE... I also have all the DD stuff, so I'm weighing whether it's worth it to switch to TE, I don't want to lose too much payware I already have https://store.x-plane.org/KAWO-Arlington-Area-UHD_p_722.html
  14. By the way John, I was surprised to see this announced. I thought you guys were working on TrueEarth Netherlands for X-Plane...what's the timeline for that? Thanks
  15. I'm glad to hear you'll try and make DD Seattle airports compatible. Do you have a list of airports you've worked into the scenery? For instance KAWO. Also, looking at the map, it would be so nice if you were to do an addon update in the future to stretch the map in the north a bit to include Vancouver City, and the valley from Vancouver to Hope BC. Also, into the south a bit, to include the city of Portland. Fingers crossed. Thanks.
  16. Thanks, that fixed it for the most part, but it seems I have a bit of corruption in my TrueEarth South,.. there are things missing, two that jumped out at me are the London Tower Bridge and London eye are missing.. but in any case everything looks much better with my "world objects" cranked up. Thanks again
  17. I'll check it out, thanks, will let you know how it goes, presently re-installing X-Plane , I assume you mean in the XPlane/settings/graphics
  18. For some reason True Earth South isn't loading properly, I have been pulling my hair out, Spent the last 4 days re-installing Steam x-plane, removed all custom scenery, Re-installed TrueEarth South 3x, still can't get it to properly install. Here are 3 screenshots, my ini file, and my log file.. The first time I loaded it in Feb, it worked so I have no idea why it's not working now. Log.txt
  19. For some reason True Earth South isn't loading properly. I have been pulling my hair out, Spent the last 4 days re-installing Steam x-plane, removed all custom scenery, Re-installed TrueEarth South 3x, still can't get it to properly install. Here are 3 screenshots, my ini file, and my log file.. The first time I loaded it in Feb, it worked so I have no idea why it's not working now. Log.txt
  20. I heard it from 2 people, about mesh issues but personally, I found your TrueEarth to be fabulous with nicer rolling hills than ORTHO, so you'll find no issue with me, I love your TrueEarth, I was just passing the info along in case we missed something...oh, one thing I did notice ( wrong?) though with GB Central. I used to live in Seaton Rutland, near Uppingham and Nottingham, the Harringworth Viaduct is a railway bridge with Roman arches, and it looks like you have it as a road bridge. I could be wrong, but I flew over it, and that's what it looks like.
  21. Hi guys, I belong to an X-Plane group on FB, and I've seen several members make comments like this one I received this evening from a friend in an email. { The other week I downloaded Orbx GB, but had loads of terrain errors. Finally, I left part "C" out, and used ortho4xp.} So far, I haven't noticed what errors they are talking about, but I thought I'd give you a heads up. I assume, any errors you find, you'll occasionally issue patches. Have a great day.
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