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  1. Hi Doug .... I received this reply instead of Eric ... you might want to redirect it to him. Cheers Pearskin
  2. Hello Nick .... thank you .... that was the problem. Cheers Terry
  3. Hello Orbx ... I am not sure what I might have done but I cannot edit the Scenery Library in my P3Dv4.5 SIM. Using the Scenery Library window option inside the sim. I should be able to disable my scenery items by clearing the enable window, which I do, but when the SIM has finished re-processing the library and rebuilding it, the items I disabled are still enabled and active in the library and therefore also in the sim. Is there a way to rebuild the scenery library from a complete scenery.cfg file. Just as an aside, the SIM and the Scenery Library is working properly, I just cant edit it. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  4. Hi Nick … The situation after I noticed the index.html file appearing on my desktop was that all the links to my P3Dv5 simulator seemed to be broken. When I tried to run it P3Dv5 the error I got said there were missing files and prepar3d could not run. When I tried to uninstall my P3Dv5 client it did not ask if I wanted to unload my license key and that was a pain too since I now have to go to Prepar3d to ask them to reset my install count. The only thing I could do was to reinstall windows and the simulator because I didn't know the status of my system. I am very sorry Orbx but I have to download all my Orbx scenery again. I hope I won't tie up your server too much. This simulator is difficult to manage because of the sheer volume of data that has to be installed in order for it work properly. Anyway here I go again.
  5. Hello Orbx …. I just lost my simulator again for the third time …. I just finished loading the very last file, "TrueEarth Britain South", to complete my 3rd attempt at a complete reinstall of my simulator when suddenly this shortcut file appeared on my desktop - "index.html". After this file appeared I could not access or start my Prpard3Dv5 simulator. I traced the this file to the following location: "C:\Users\Terry\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\resources\app.asar\index.html". My simulator was dead. I tried reinstalling my P3dv5 client but it would not install. My only option now is to completely rebuild my Sim from scratch AGAIN!!! I have no idea why this file appeared on my desktop but it just cost me six weeks of work. I will have to got through the whole process of rebuilding again which means I will have to download all my Orbx scenery again. This simulator is a very high maintenance system and I am almost ready to throw in the towel. If I have any more bad luck with this system I'm done with it and I will try my luck with Microsoft FS2020. If you have any ideas why this file appeared I would like to hear from you.
  6. Thank you nick. Prepar3dv5 has given me a lot of grief .. I am struggling to rebuild my flight Sim.
  7. Hello Orbx … I am getting the following error from P3Dv5: "Prepar3d has detected a non-sequential layer ordering within the scenery library list. Would you like Prepar3d to attempt to repair this issue.". I am not sure if this is created by Orbx or by P3Dv5. I get this error frequently and seemed to originate (perhaps) after I installed ActiveSky3D. Is this something you can help me with or should I report it to prepar3d.
  8. Hello Orbx … How will we be made aware when un-compatible sceneries are made compatible please? Compatibles are listed in "My Products" in Orbx Central. Will this list get updated?
  9. Hello ORBX … I have just recently had to reinstall all my orbx scenery after having to replace windows 10 due to running out of space on my C: main drive. In the process of reinstalling KHQM Bowerman I have notice that Bowerman has changed and is not what it used to be. Now, I'm not sure if my display settings might be causing the problem but KHQM Bowerman Airport is not what it used to be. The Buildings have all changed all the regular buildings and objectflow people are missing. The runways are missing and also Lana's café. I reinstalled PNW and all the Rocky Mountain sceneries but the terrain is even different around KHQM Bowermen. Has ORBX changed the scenery for this area or have I missed doing something (probably).
  10. Hello ORBX .... do I need any other support products to be installed (i.e. Global Base, openLC N.America) to install Meigs Field for XP11? Cheers Terry
  11. Hello Orbx ...... Is it time yet to think about adding trains to your absolutely incredible scenery ? Terry
  12. Thank you Nick and Doug ... I was able to fix the problem with FSDT KLAS Las Vegas after reading Nicks explanation and following Holgers post that Doug pointed me to. Your support was very helpful ... thanks again.
  13. Hello Orbx ... I am a little confused on how to use Manual Elevation Corrections window which I find is not very intuitive. I cant figure out how to use the entry window. I recently noticed that my FSDT KLAS Las Vegas Airport was below the ground but when I tried to disable it by selecting it in the LEFT HAND LIST and then clicking disable which transferred it into the right hand list (at the bottom of the list; I might add!!!), it did not correct the problem. Is there a small tutorial available on how to use the Manual Elevation Corrections Window as I find it intuitively hard to figure out. Also do we choose ENABLE or DISABLE if an airport is above or below the ground? I would appreciate some help on this one please. Thank you for your continuing support.
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