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  1. I found the problem with the out of place aircraft picture. It is the NVidia Experience program causing the problem. It is a shame because it is the best screen capture program for videos available and is free. It however solved the problem when I uninstalled NVidia Experience. Now using just the current drivers. I wonder if I am the only one with this problem. Thanks to all that helped in this issue. fisheye..
  2. I am using both FSX and FSX-SE with FTX Global Vector and have both choices showing in FTX Central when started. I have no problems with FSX but in FSX-SE after running Vector I have no airports showing up in the right hand "AEC IS Disabled For" window and have a lot of airports that do not show properly. I just updated the latest version 1.52 of Vector hoping this would fix the problem but no joy. I went through earlier and manually disabled the ones that, in FSX, show being done automatically. That fixed the airports but after running the latest updated version it went back to none showing in the Disabled window being excluded. Do I have something I have done improperly or any clue what is going on. It has never worked in FSX-SE properly and I have had to manually exclude airports to make them show properly. I even copied all the files from FSX Vector program into FSX-SE Vector program to see if that worked prior to this latest update but no joy with that either. Any clues?? Norm
  3. Doug; I did the Shaders folder and I still have the same issue as in the picture above with the partial aircraft picture out of place and the slow menus and reaction times. I also noticed a change in the brightness and contrast in FSX being lighter and less contrast. This could be because I had a large number of shaders in the original folder that I may have added over the years. I went back to the original Shaders file that I renamed and saved for safety. Now my visuals are back to the same and look great. I still have no clue how to correct the issue in the picture above. I have checked the xml.dll for correct paths and everything looks correct. Did the same in the fsx.cfg and exe.xml with no help. Any clues on what might be wrong? fisheye
  4. Doug; Your method worked. I now have the proper menu listings for PAJN and PAJ1, but as you can see after picking PJA1 that on the next page in the "current location menu" it still doesn't have "SPB" shown. Additionally now I have an artifact show up on my page shown below with a partial aircraft picture showing out of place. I also have a few new other problems while loading a flight with the menu's not responding normally or behind each other. I have had issues like this before when my dll.xml file was messed up and it took a long time to resolve that issue. See Picture below; fisheye
  5. Holger; I have just done your suggestion and listed the results below. Thanks; oops forgot the paths, redoing it again;....
  6. Yes I understand this but my titles are messed up and not like your example. PAJN Int. has SPB added on to the end of the title and PAJ1 does not, making them incorrect and I just wanted to change them to be right somehow. Thanks for the response. Do you need a screenshot? fisheye
  7. In my FSX airport menu (where you pick your airports) I have PAJN Juneau Int SPB in the title but when I choose the airport I am on the runway not in the water. Is there a way I can remove the SPB in the Juneau menu title inside FSX where I pick an airport. Conversely when I go to the Juneau Sea Plane Base the title does not have SPB listed. They just need to be switched. Is there a way I can change this myself or not. I couldn't find a file I could access in the scenery or texture folders in the ORBX PAJN folder to make the switch.
  8. Nick; I finally got the time to try your scenery file. It seems to have fixed everything except for a couple like, LPMA Funchal and LPPS Porto Santo in the Vector APT folder that I had to put .OFF behind the .bgl to make the elevations work. I have not added all of my addon scenery back in but about half and everything seems to be OK with a couple of exceptions noted above that I was able to fix. Thanks for your help, fisheye
  9. Marcus; I want to change the order of the FTX products and I had located the menu you show above. However it still does an automatic change on exit from FTX Central that rearranges my Scenery Library files so I get the holes back in my Orbx airport runways. I have posted examples in imgur.com as outlined on how to post pictures and the link is one of the ones below? I tried to add text to the image location but couldn't find a way so here goes my explanation. FTX Central 3 upon exit rearranges my Scenery Library even if I don't want it rearranged. It takes a long time to sort out these scenery files to make everything work the way I want it and I don't want FTX Central to rearrange it for me. It always puts the same 5 files at the top of the library which screws up my scenery which I noticed first at Valdez and then others I didn't expect to have changed. Is there a way to turn off this function in FTX Central 3 so I don't have to continuously fix what works already when I check to see if there are any updates to my scenery. This link shows my properly working Scenery Library at the top; http://i.imgur.com/PqnceZv.jpg This link shows how FTX Central 3 rearranges my files at the top; http://imgur.com/dQ118tS ; The next link shows the Vector AEC file I have at the bottom of the Scenery Library that gets removed by FTX Central 3 on exit also.; http://imgur.com/rCWMegw ; I hope this explains my issue and that the images show properly since this is the first time I have used Imgur. fisheye
  10. Marcus; Is there a way to disable the automatic relisting of the scenery library when using FTX Central 3, I didn't notice any when changing the order of listing in the settings. fisheye
  11. John, thanks for the answer and picture of this issue. I can see that it is real to life but that doesn't help me see the centerline since my 78 year old eyes wouldn't pass the FAA test anyway, that is why I enjoy FSX so much having all of the real life addons. Just trying to make life a little bit easier but I guess in this case I can just guess where the centerline is and get on with just flying. Thanks again to all that answered my question. fisheye
  12. Fortunately I saved a copy of my Scenery Library file and reinstalled it after FTX Central 3 had automatically changed it. This fixed my elevation issues and now everything is back to normal. However this is something that Orbx should make an option and not automatic for FTX Central 3 upon exit. Here are a couple of screenshots of before and after what happened. The file that was removed at the bottom of the library was the one called FTXGlobalVector.AEC and also the top four files were moved to the top of the library above my scenery files I put above the Orbx files on the list. I am not sure just what changed the elevations but something did but now I have put it back where I had them before opening FTX Central 3 to check for updates for my airports. Not a good thing to happen automatically. fisheye PS The Forum would not let me post pictures of before, during, and after of this issue. It said even though they were small that I only had 30kb available to upload for some reason. There are three under 80kb each. If you need the pictures just let me know.
  13. Well after fixing all of my elevation errors and flying all morning I decided to check for airport updates in FTX Central 3. Not finding any I closed out FTX Central 3 and restarted FSX. It showed that it was reloading the Scenery Library and then started FSX. My default airport is PAVD and I started it for a flight. Low and behold my airplane, the default Lear 45, was sitting in a hole in front of the hanger. FTX Central 3 has screwed up my scenery again. I even went into the configuration in central to control the listing order of scenery in the library but that didn't help. I checked for the previous fix again in the World/Scenery/scenery library expecting to see the .OFF back on the elevation file but no such luck. Now I have to figure it all our again. Bummer... This needs to be fixed for sure. fisheye
  14. Since I recently was able to fix this new airport a couple of days ago so the sink holes were fixed now I can enjoy flying using this scenery (except for a small issue). When using the taxiway I have a real hard time seeing the yellow centerline. It may be my old eyes getting worse but other airports don't seem to be this bad. I used REX 4 Texture Direct and changed the lines to a brighter yellow with a black border but in this scenery they don't show up. Is there a way that I can modify the lines to make them more visible. :-)
  15. I have had many issues like this since FTX Central 3 and found for some reason that in your FSX/Scenery/World/Scenery folder that the airport elevations have been set to .OFF. If this is the case then just remove the .OFF and make sure the .BGL is still at the end of the file then try it again. I had three of my files that were changed in my Scenery file. Hope this helps. fisheye PS this is also listed by in another post by someone else named Grego under this listing Compton Abbas Airfield Sinkhole
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