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  1. Thanks Sniper! Thank you John! Thanks Jack, a couple of these might get me into trouble with the virtual FAA I guess you have experience with those guys? Nice sounds in that clip for sure! That´s the D though, almost twice the power of the A variant. I don´t know exactly if I´ve that specific aircraft (It has done quite some shows in Germany), but I´ve been here, watching Toni Eichhorn throwing that beast around.
  2. Took another plane for a quick joyride, Ants T-28A demo aircraft, and that is one well made airplane. The Textures are the best I´ve seen yet, systems are done quite fine, not too happy with the external sound system for now, but internal is sweet as well. Heading for the runway, weather is fair enough. And up we are, wheels coming in. Gaining some altitude to get some momentum out of it. That bird is heavy and not too powerful. A quick buzz of the tower in old Top Gun flavor And up for a Split S. Turning out, heading back down to regain airspeed. And coming down from a Hammerhead turn. A high altitude roll over the runway. Almost time to land. But still room for one more medium low pass over the runway. Setting her back down, the runway looks more like a carrier from here in lenght. Was plenty of room remaining though. And tucked her away. KRDD and the T-28 are both stunning addons, need to add the other (payware) variants of the aircraft some day. If you like those kind of planes and you haven´t tried it, look it up, worth a try for sure!
  3. It´s an airliner, and just as you, I´m not too much into flying those, but the classic ones are different. You still get the mighty roar when going for take off power, the smooth growl when cruising, the vibrations... Really well done and it really feels alive. I had some issues with the autopilot every now and than, I don´t really know if they were intended by the program or just bugs. Anyway they added to the experience. When you sit there, doing some engine management stuff or looking out of the window and suddenly the plane starts to dive. Gets you on your toes pretty good. I really enjoyed learning to properly use VOR and ILS navigation features with this and when things get slow you can still pick a challenging airport or nasty weather. All in all, I really love it. Looking forward to what they put out next.
  4. Thanks! Would love to fly in one some day. But travelling in one of them in their era must have been even more spectacular! It is different from the B-17 which is quite simple system wise and can easily be hand flown. In the Connie I tend to be more busy, doing the job of 4 people in the cockpit. Still it´s awesome and very rewarding when you´ve successfully finished a trip. Thanks John! Thanks, might be more coming in when I find the time to take her out properly again. Need to do some really bad weather. Thank you, it was quite intense, hand flying that bird while seing nothing, not even having ILS or something to rely on, just the vision of where the mountain formations where and a compass. I guess that stuff should be avoided when flying with 40 Passengers + Crew in a real plane. Thank you!
  5. Well, I hope you´re not too tired of Connie screens from me, did another trip last night, a short hop of about 100 miles from Innsbruck to Manching, home of the Messerschmitt Foundation near Ingolstadt. Cruise altitude was set for 11.000 feet due to the mountains around Innsbruck. Weather was put in from FSXWX. Firing her up. Passengers are seated allready, full cabin for the short trip. Weather looks interesting with the low clouds in the valley. Yeah, climbout will be interesting, plan is to follow the valley until around 9.000 feet, that should clear the mountains. For sure this crate won´t do the same climb rate as that Dash 8. Once again, the old Queen of the skies stretches her wings and lifts into her natural environment. And into the soup, ATC wanted me to turn northwards heading 335, but that would have lead me straight into the rocks. Turning left along the valley. After close to 10 minutes of seing nothing but clouds, hand flying her following compass and my faith in the navigator, skies clear up slightly, Altitude should be enough to be above the mountains. And there it is, blue skies above. Still a bit shaky air, so I requested 14.000 feet. Graciously soaring through the calm skies, engines back to cruise settings, coffee and drinks being served. Heading back down over Germany, weather is more clear here, so ATC provided me with visual approach vectors. Full landing configuration, on final into Manching. Not seen a Messerschmitt buzzing around so far... Everything looks good, let´s set her down nicely. And the final part of the work, PAX have been lead out by the Stewardesses, now putting her into rest, ready for the next adventure. Had a good flight, only minor issue being that I accidently pressed the Y key and career mode was turned off by Accusim, so my landing wasn´t rated. FSXWX and REX TD put together some nice clouds, still thinking about Sky Force though. Cheers, Lennart
  6. Well done again, looking forward to the next one!
  7. Very nice! Some intersting angles in there as well.
  8. Thanks. Need to wait for the right time and than strike that purchase button.
  9. Thank you, it´s the route from my current place to where I grew up, usually do it by car so it was nice to follow it in FS. Sometimes nothing else helps Thanks! It´s a great crate, fast enough to get around, enough power to have fun but also heavy enough to make you conservate energy for aerobatics. Thank you for the kind comment. I like to see / read such tours as well, nice if people can show where they live and how it looks in FS.
  10. Nice shots, looks like a nice flight. Is that the PMDG Bird? Still thinking about getting that one some day. Love the old piston powered crates.
  11. Decided to use the night to check out GEN / GES post patch and selected a route I´ve recently traveled by car, from Aachen to Bielefeld. Aachen is GES and Bielefeld is GEN. Off we go, over Aachen, looking for Highway A4 to Cologne first. Passing the huge open pit mines once again that are very specific for the region. You can see the biggest one on Google maps even when zooming out until you can see most of Europe. Above Rastplatz Frechen, with the car, this is the first time Cologne comes into sight. Leaving Cologne behind, following Autobahn 1 via the troublesome Leverkusen bridge. On the far side of the rhine the industrial complex of Köln-Niehl is taken up mostly by Ford. Spotted something, yes, nice old railway bridge just off Solingen (where the knifes come from). Time for an Hommage to Jack And there we go, a barrel role through the valley under the bridge. A bit tough pulling back out, but made it. Quite some traffic around Dortmund airport. Didn´t actually know that the highway was that close to the airport. Next intersection is Kamener Kreuz, where I leave A1 to follow A2. Weather improved a bit, but still very windy. Almost there, this is the town of Gütersloh, with the RAF base on the left and the huge Miele factory grounds on the right. Approaching Bielefeld. An old trick to familiarize with an airfield. Throttle wide open and blasting over the runway. Seen that done by a Mustang on a small air show and the crowd was quite pleased by that completely safety orientated familiarization manouver. On final, but I botched the approach, 24kts side winds with medium turbulences seems a bit much for the Harvard. After going around I managed to put her onto the tarmac, not very pretty but intact. Shut her down for the next time. They say a good landing is one you can walk away from, a perfect one leaves the plane in usable condition. That was a quite fitting description of the landing. To summarize the GEN / GES update thoughts, I think that the update was very good. The overall image was quite convincing, and at least the small towns and villages fit into the landscape very well. Industrial areas still feature more obvious borders, but I believe with Landclass that can hardly be improved. The discussed photo scenery would solve this, but having recently bought GEN / GES (well, not that recently, but still) and looking at the file sized it´d take some convincing screens to make me part with more money for FS. Also blurries could be an issue for me, so maybe it would be good to discuss such a product after seeing the Netherlands in action. I thank the FTX team for the updates which I really appreciate! Btw. sorry for the quite dark scenery again, I need to tweek the PTA setting for cloud shadow darkness, a bit less impact of the shadows would be better, I guess. Cheers, Lennart
  12. Which Beech 18 Model is it you´re talking about actually? I´d like one with proper system modelling.
  13. Stunning atmosphere with that weather, really looks cold.
  14. Thank you, good people, for the kind words! Cheers, Lennart
  15. Thanks guys Had a lot of fun taking the old crate up. Lennart
  16. Managed to get FSXWX installed into P3D today and took the C-47 out for a hop from LOWI to Kempten/Durach in real weather. Pics are a bit on the dark side, but that was the winter dusk lighting. Fired up and ready Off we go! Climbing out of LOWI Had some struggle to get her up here, but she made it. Passing the Zugspitze. And back down. Looking at Durach airfield, all snowed over. Had to find the runways among the snow. Might not have been permitted IRL this late. Over the fence. And switched off, heading for a warm beverage. Cheers, Lennart
  17. Thanks guys! Glad you like them
  18. Looking sharp! I like the natural but saturated feel of the colors.
  19. Had some fun around LOWI with Toni´s T-6, I think the colors worked quite fine together. Just some flying around, so no story to tell with these. Had some input issues during that flight that prohibited more interesting manouvers. Fixed them now by selecting Direct input in P3D. Hope you enjoy the shots! Cheers, Lennart
  20. Thanks Paul, Patrick and Stewart! Still working on my ReShade settings, I like the amount of options, though. Maybe I'll still look at PTA, but it's ok for now. Also need to look for a weather engine. Might give FSXWX a try soon. Cheers, Lennart
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