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  1. I get that John, but the Australian Government does not agree with you. I'm genuinely interested how an Australian registered business can sell a Russian registered business product. By the way, I've bought his products so I'm a hypocrite here. I just though Orbx might want to shed light on this and reassure customers it's not in breach of any sanctions. No need to @Nick Cooper lol
  2. How does this work? He is Russian. How can you sell his products? Genuinely asking.
  3. To be honest Wayne, Australia is currently under the influence of a La Nina weather pattern that results in wetter and cooler conditions on its east coast. Whilst the occurrence of La Nina is not necessarily that unusual (I'll let you Google what it is and how it affects Australia and South America), what is unusual is that it is occurring 2 years in a row. The opposite of La Nina is El Nino, which results in drought on the East Coast and can lead to the massive bush fires seen in previous years. Also, the effects of both weather patterns are becoming much more extreme. I think this is prevalent world wide. Global warming doesn't mean we don't get cooler than average temperatures, or less rain per se. It means we get more extreme events that last much longer, either hotter, wetter or colder. When I see posts like this, it reminds me there are caring people all over the world and that maybe, we might still have a chance. Thanks to all you good folk. More of you I say!
  4. Ahh Filou, blunt as a brick as usual.
  5. Awesome news! Use to be my work place (Melbourne Helicopters). I often walked past the Orbx offices on my way to La Manna to get my coffee! The detail looks amazing.
  6. Wow Carlos, fantastic set there! Look out Iain!
  7. Just wanted to thank Richard for a recent support matter I had, which wasn't straight forward and required some digging. He owned the problem and took full responsibility which gives customers confidence and restores trust. Thanks Richard and Orbx for your great support! All the best, Murray
  8. G'day Carlos, Not sure how you are getting on with this but I too was having a CTD in Keflavik a little while ago. The culprit for me was a freeware Lima airport (SPJC) from Provisual. After hours of narrowing it down, this was the offender. If you have it, remove it and try again. Cheers.
  9. Getting the same unfortunately. Big drop in fps over the city. RTX 3080, i9 10900kf @ 5, 32 g ram @3200. 4k res. High-end settings. Cheers.
  10. Some context as to what this is would be good for those of us that missed the news of an update.
  11. Excellent Graeme. The lighting is stunning. Thanks for sharing.
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