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  1. Just to add to this thread. I too am getting the same. The exact same Orbx entries are now on top of my list as well, above all my third party airports. Insertion Point is the bottom Third party airport so I would expect to see all Orbx products below this, but not the case anymore. I've not seen any documentation to inform users of the change.
  2. I own the following v4 airports and cityscapes. I no longer have v4. 2WA1 65S 74S CNK4 KBLUE KIDA KMBS KRDD KTEX W28 W52 WA79 EDBJ EGPB EGTH ENHF ENSD ENSG E049 CHARLSTON ORLANDO BARCELONA Is it know when these products will be available for V5. It's been 7 months and 1 day since v5 was released, just curious? Ian
  3. As you can see in the attached pic TE Washington will not install into v5 because of incompatable products already installed. It says I need to uninstall them first but It does not tell me what those products are. Idea's?
  4. Alumni Any ideas how to solve this at HKNV ? OpenLC Africa, P3D v5 HF2. Thanks
  5. Hi Nick I have moved the Default Scenery down as suggested. It appears to have done the trick. The coastlines are now back to normal. The question that interests me now is why would Orbx Central re-order the Default Scenery away from the bottom in the first place. I did not move it. I've only ever let Orbx Central handle the library order. Just curious. Regards and thanks for your help Ian
  6. Still working on the problem. I've not manually changed anything in the Library. I let Central install everything and manage it all. It looks like the whole of TE South is effected. I'll continue to investigate.
  7. Hi Nick My Orbx products are in an outside Library. I'm flying right now so I'll check the order when I land. I agree it's localised. Flying all day today and only seen the issue in the Solant. Ian
  8. Took off from EGKK today for a flight down to GMMN in P3D v5 HF2. When leaving the UK over Southampton and the Isle of White there are land textures extending out from the coast into the English Channel. Orbx True Earth GB South, FTX England, Global, OpenLC. Trees, Buildings. Thoughts anyone?
  9. Hi Doug I will do that and report back if and when it happens again Ian
  10. Hi Doug Thanks for taking a look at these. Regards Ian scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml add-ons.cfg
  11. Still happening. This time in North America. Anyone from Orbx care to comment and maybe suggest a solution. Thanks Ian
  12. Alumni/Nick I don't know how to describe this but just have a look at the attached pics. One moment nice clear ground textures then very abruptly blurries with a thin white line around the edge. This is Global, Open LC Europe. Happens to be 8000 feet above Spain but I have seen it elsewhere in the globe. Thoughts?
  13. Just give a thought to this before removing the regions. TE is summer only so you might want to deactivate it to get snow etc in winter. It may not be important to you but flying over the highlands of Scotland in Winter with TE summer textures kind of kills the immersion. Just use the FTX regions till spring then activate TE once again. Just an idea.
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