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  1. In line with Ian, I can not recommend AIG enough. By far the best AI for flightsim and the Australia and New Zealand coverage is in line with the Orbx AUNZ AI coverage, which many payware addons seem to fail miserably at. They now have their own software to download and install every flightplan and all the necessary AI models and effects outside of the P3D folder which can be found here. As well as this, another member of the AIG forums developed a tool that can change AI in the sim, like deleting approaching and departing traffic and limiting traffic to save some FPS - this can be found here. Honestly, having come from UTLive, nothing compares to what AIG have. The only thing that ever came close was the Orbx AI package that only covered Australia and New Zealand. This covers the globe.
  2. Oh, I see. I absolutely can't wait. I never thought I would see it portrayed by Orbx in flightsim, much like I never thought I would see jet services return. It's a good choice, though. LINZ have excellent aerial photography of the area.
  3. A bit late, but I guess I'll ask - what ever happened to NZNV? Is it still in development or is it now redundant? It was in the road maps.
  4. I did not know that it was frowned upon? I thought it was pretty bad though... But didn't think that its pretty much pirated! I think I might need to uninstall... Do you guys know any other ai traffic for global fsx or do i have to wait until orbx release a good one? cheers
  5. I have a problem. I put this in the ICE AI forums but they were useless and unhelpful and knowing how kind and thoughtful this community is, I thought I would post it here. So I have been loyal to your Australia/New Zealand AI package (I love it!) but I have been trying out long haul flights to say KLAX or KSFO and it has been quite lonely so i recently installed ICE AI and it has completely replaced the domestic service for NZ from FTX AU. I am assuming it has replaced the AU domestic pack as well. I would like it if they both run smoothly with eachother instead of ICE trying to be some dictator and try and takeover my FSX. Anyone help? I love the FTX AU and i think it is alot better (for NZ and AU at least) than ICE AI. If anyone knows a solution please repy ASAP! Cheers KiedisTV
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