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  1. Further to the above, I just tried Orbx Edinburgh for the first time since installing hotfix 3 and that too now has low fps (around 15) and stuttering performance. It was previously performing well. Could this be a problem related to P3Dv4.5 hotfix 3? Edit: The problem has resolved itself, EGNX is now working perfectly with no fps loss. The ONLY thing I have changed in P3D since noticing the issue earlier today was to uninstall Navigraph Charts and the associated Simlink app. Not sure how that could be related but hopefully that was it.
  2. I recently purchased Orbx EGNX scenery for P3Dv4.5 hf3. I am horrified by the low frame rates I am getting. I often fly from EGLL in the FSL A320 using Aerosoft Professional scenery without problems. Yet at EGNX I get under 14 fps with a default aircraft. I tried reducing graphics settings to extremely low levels (very sparse scenery complexity, terrain resolution 5m, special effects minimum), and there is no effect on fps. Not suprisingly really as the scenery detail is hardly affected by these settings changes. The only scenery configuration possible with EGNX is removing static aircraft, but that doesn't make much difference to fps. I have a lot of other Orbx scenery, including recent products such as Edinburgh, and nothing else gives me performance problems like this. The scenery is not usable as things are. Kevin
  3. Seconded, and it should apply to all scenery with hard winter as a season. I have FTX England installed plus some airports. It's very nice seeing all the picture postcard snow but it's unrealistic for most of the UK. If we get snow it rarely stays for more than a few days apart from mountain areas.
  4. The clock on the terminal is not working in the new XP11 version (it works in P3Dv4). Also no hands are shown. See screenshot. The clock on the entrance side of the terminal does work.
  5. Hi John, sorry for the delay in replying, I haven't logged into the forum for a while. In this case it was the PMDG 747v3. As far as I can see the problem was unrelated to navigation data (I use Navigraph in all my addons) and is caused by graphical problems in P3Dv4 which only exist when Vector is installed. It occurs not on approach to an airport but when approaching the coastline. Hard to perform the same flight in a default 172 at 35,000 feet in P3Dv4. Kevin
  6. Slightly off topic but strongly related to the KSAN issue. I have a similar problem as I approach the Newfoundland coast from the east. With Vector installed the sim will crash with no error report. Event viewer shows it crashes in NTDLL.DLL. If I uninstall Vector there is no crash. The other members of my VA have reported the same issue, so it isn't just my system. Apart from FTX Global, I have no addon scenery in this area. I don't think it's an OOM as there is no OOM crash report. So it would seem Vector is the trigger for the CTD.
  7. Thanks Doug, seems selecting FSX was the right thing to do.
  8. I've been tempted to install this as a reuslt of the May sale. I bought FTX Global Base and am considering FTX Global Vector and FTX Open LC Europe. Firstly what is the recommended insertion point for FTX Global and Open LC? Secondly, having now installed FTX Global Base I also see scenery layers for ORBX OPENLC_EUROPE1 and ORBX OPENLC_NAMERICA1. What are these OPENLC entries and are they the same as the FTX OpenLC products sold separately?
  9. I've just upgraded to FTX 3. When I first ran it I selected FSX-SE but got an error popup saying I should submit my ftxc3.log file to support. I had a look in the file and it became clear what the problem was. FTX 3 was trying to find scenery.cfg in a folder named FSX-SE. I have a single FSX-SE installation, no FSX-Box, so all my FSX folders and cfg files have default FSX names, not FSX-SE. My registry correctly points every other installer and product I have at the right files, so why is FTX 3 unable to find things properly? I can get around this by choosing FSX instead of FSX-SE when FTX 3 starts, but I don't know if this might cause other issues. Kevin ftxc3.log
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