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  1. Could you kindly elaborate on that Nick, I dont follow the reasoning, in my case P3Dv4.5 scenario loading virtually stops at 70% for ever. When I migrated all my products, although they were shown as installed, there was still a download of the same for each of them, so where have these gone? Earlier this afternoon, I tried to resolve a few issues but could not, for example, when checking the files of Vector, it re-downloaded the product once more...! Why? When looking at my Add-on organiser, it tells me that the path to ORBX Global Vector Elevation Sub is wrong, in fact this folder is empty. When using my EFB Aivlasoft database builder, it stops on FTXAA YMML, when I disable the scenery, it then stops again at ORBX "Package 51" whatever that is?!... I cant resolve this. So EFB is unusable. We still have no notion of what is a good well prioritised ORBX scenery.cfg file, for example ORBX Libraries Global and ORBX Libraries Lookup go to the top whereas they are not supposed to go above my FSAD files according to my settings... Is this normal or not, I have hundreds airport add-ons above why would the ORBX file mix up with them when they are limited to what I defined in Settings? All this is terribly confusing and frustrating as I cant imagine that Beta testers did not catch any of these! At this time my sim is unusable, hence my wish to go back to version 3, but how not to make a bad situation worse?
  2. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3Dv4.5 Screenshot: Issue: P3D scenery.cfg file totally messed up. P3D does not load anymore. I wish to reinstate version 3 As per title, I realise this version 4 is not ready for release and did a lot of damage to what was a perfectly working sim, and I also realise that all these issues cannot be fixed in a few days, but more probably a few weeks during which my sim wont be usable, so I simply wish to return to version 3 and want to know how to do that without risking a full P3D re-install which would take a week to accomplish. Please guide me through this and am sure it will be appreciated by many until to fix the numerous issues of your new version. At the present time, my issues are: Scenery.cfg file is out of order in every sense of that word P3D wont load a scenario and get stuck on 70% Loading Auto generated scenery The EFB Aivlasoft database builder gets stuck on ORBX sceneries and cannot complete its analysis, hence the EFB is unusable The ORBX Global Vector Elevation Sub is shown as a wrong path NO airport elevations are modified by Vectors, I understand there are works around, available but this is for you to offer them within your product, not for the client to do the work for you There is no proper documentation to understand the new priorities set by your new version, so as a result one is left to trial and error Kindly indicate a step by step return to version 3 please and deactivation of all new version 4 changes so as to avoid conflicts. Thank you. Best regards, Jean-Claude central.log
  3. I have the same problem, this is a marvelous improvement but, unfortunately, a real mess, all priorities have gone all over the scenery cfg file (I have 26 ORBX products including all global products), how can we rectify all this is urgent so that the sim remains usable without killing our eyes on a screen to look for the proper order of the puzzle, a tool to help us out would be necessary or at the very least a detailed list of priorities published on this thread would be useful and necessary. My scenery.cfg file looks about the same as the one above, totally different from what it was before!
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