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  1. hi guys, I have just read through the instructions on how to install Orbx products into P3Dv5 (only for the compatible products) but say if i have P3dv4 & XPlane 11 on my (C) Drive SSD and my p3dv4 scenery files are on my (C) , but due to space i want to put P3dv5 onto my (D) SSD , do i just create another library for P3Dv5 Scenerys ?, just wanted some confirmation ? As always , thanks ever so much for any support and love what you guys are doing its amazing ! Thanks Dom
  2. yea thats odd, I am sure it was fine before , I did check a few of the other small airfields but they seem ok Nick. if you do find anything i would be interested to see whats causing this issue Thanks ever so much for coming back though mate
  3. hi Chaps, hope someone can answer or shed some light on this issue i noticed today ? Just taxing around Compton Abbas and i notice a few of the people are not sitting correctly on benches and just sort of floating on thin air # has anyone seen this ? or can you advise what the fix is to correct this ? I did have the elevation issue which i have corrected already, but wasn't sure how to remedy this issue ? See the picture Circled in Red you can see the issue any help would be appreciated many thanks Dom
  4. hi Raymond, yea i know its really odd , how 1 scenery can throw things out ?! Prepar3d is a delicate little thing sometimes lol, thats why I dont like to mess around with it i shall have a read of that Thread you sent , its always interesting to read , just in case i have any other issues appreciate your help Thanks Dom
  5. Glad you got it sorted ! i thought it might work funnily enough I resolved my issue last night with another fix, for some reason a scenery i purchased a couple of weeks ago (Aerosoft Lukla) messed up my autogen, god knows how , so i disabled the scenery and got my autogen back ! , Prepar3d is a funny sim , i have a love hate relationship with it lol, I shall see how it goes
  6. Hi Nick , you can resolve this , after spending a few hours , i have figured out that it was the Aerosoft Lukla scenery causing a conflict for some reason not sure how ? but it was the last scenery i installed a couple of weeks ago, once disabled in the library all my autogen came back ! just thought i would let you know so you can resolve this now thanks again Dom
  7. mate i feel your pain lol , Im so frustrated as well, so dont think your the only 1 , I have spent so long trying different things, when you work all week and want to come home and use your sim how it should be and all you end up doing is trying to fix bugs and scenery issues its a pain , I am sure i spend more time tinkering around with prepar3d than actually using it ! well hopefully you may get an answer I have just reverted back to the FTX3 and seeing if that makes a difference best of luck mate Regards Dom
  8. I am having a very similar problem to this , all my trees and autogen has gone very flat in England , I have raised a ticket as well , hopefully we can get it resolved , mine has changed since i updated to FTX Central v4 hope you get a response Regards Dom
  9. Hi Nick , Tried everything you said and re synced the sim , still no joy here you can see another example below from Southampton , normally there's trees everywhere , but you can see the dual carriageway at the end of the runway ? which i could never see before , when all the trees where there ?, I have increased my autogen/vegetation settings still with no joy ? I have noticed another similar post as well, it looks like it could be affecting europe ? Please advise thanks Dom
  10. hiya Nick , thanks , I shall give that a try later and report back thanks Dom
  11. Hi Guys, hope someone can help me and shed some light on an issue i have in Orbx England, I seem to be missing trees and vegetation since updating to FTX Central v4 I have tried to verify my scenery and reinstall trees and Orbx England , unchecked Open LC Europe as well to see if that was a conflict, but still not having any joy ?? i have posted a few screenshots of Old Warden EGTH airport as an example for you to see the comparison as you can see i have used the ORBX product screenshots with my ones at the same area , but you can see how baron mine looks in comparison where the trees are gone and its like photoreal flat scenery in place for trees etc, The only scenery i use is ORBX scenery Global Base / EU and Regions. you can see i have circled in Red where there should be 3D Orbx Trees , but instead theres just flat Really hope i can get some help as my Sim was lovely up until i updated to the new FTX Central, look forward to your responses thanks Dom
  12. I just realised i had the old version of FTX Central and now have updated, it has now picked it up , thanks for your help anyway !
  13. I have just installed the latest version of FTX Central and that seems to pick it up are you on the older version ? I am guessing you maybe ?
  14. I have exactly same problem as you buddy, just waiting on a response as well hopefully we will get a reply soon
  15. Hi guys, hope someone from Orbx can advise me ? I have just purchased Terra Flora Trees for X Plane 11 and paid for it got email confirmation of receipt etc, but when i look in my FTX Central it just shows Global Terra as coloured (purchased) no longer greyed out, but it says "There are no Downloads available for this product" as shown in screenshot please can you advise how to get the product downloading ? many thanks Dom
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