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  1. Excellent information... I have some work to do... Thank you John and Nick.
  2. Thank you John...seems we're cross-posting... That answers those questions... I must have missed something here because I don't see where the OP stated he used Lorby to actually change the order (although he very well could have), and it doesn't look like he is asking anything regarding LORBY's operation. It seems to me he was enquiring about the default layering of Orbx and if the default terrain is integrated with Orbx properly and vice-versa. In fact he stated "just wanted to ask if this default layering which appears after Orbx installation is correct?" I took that to mean, he is wondering about the (default) layering that the Orbx installation produced with regard to the default sim files. I get that different addons can wreak havoc... I realize Orbx Central is supposed to set up the correct order of Orbx sceneries, but things don't always go as planned in this business and then there is the human factor - to err is human. So we all need help more often than not... As far as "Lorby Organiser has messed that up.", I'm not sure if that is accurate to say, again, results are only as good as the hand that creates it. Moving on... I see under Central/Help 'Sync Simulator'. (1) Is this something that can reorganize your layering to be correct ? (2) 'other related settings' - can this be run periodically or is it more of a 'when everything else fails' situation only as a last resort? (3) Will it consider other third party files or is it just Orbx and default sim oriented ?
  3. Now that I have that off my chest, I to came here looking for help - for support. This thread illustrates my questions: 1.Should there be multiple instances of the same named file in the scenery library ? ie; zBASE (1), zBASE (2), zBASE (3), etc... 2.Is this the proper order for VECTOR, or should VECTOR_AEC be above the other VECTOR files?
  4. Well...I tried VERY hard Not to get involved with this but... @Doug - With all due respect... Wow, do you consider your answers to be helpful ? Because I thought the purpose of support forums was to be helpful... Again, with all due respect...It seems you are more concerned with being pompous and playing mind games then offering support. Try to understand that we all aren't Orbx geniuses and there is considerable confusion over proper scenery layering; (1) with Orbx products alone and (2) with Orbx products integration with other third party software. The OP is looking for help, for support. Did you help him ? He didn't ask anything about Lorby, he merely used this program to show us his scenery order to get insight from you folks - the people that should know AND be willing and able to help. Please try to keep in mind that we are paying customers - without which, businesses die... He also isn't concerned with the 'visual order' of his scenery or "just how the list looks". He is attempting to get some direction as to the 'basic' ordering which, I would suggest, would be the best point from which to start, hopefully to get as close to a wonderful simming experience from the beginning. Then, make adjustments as required... So. Instead of actually offering anything helpful ie; some actual knowledge of the scenery order, or - that being absent - possibly a link to same, it seems that you are suggesting that we should all just throw everything into the sim, then fly and look for issues and then - what - come to the forums for support for a myriad of issues, when if the scenery order was close to proper from the beginning, the whole experience would be sooo much better with far fewer problems to address. I'm willing to guess in this case, he didn't come away with anything helpful. In fact, judging from his follow up post, he was NOT impressed with the treatment he received here. I would have felt slighted if it were me...hence this post. I am trying to help... Then you say "It doesn't matter unless there are specific issues". Show me a simulator that doesn't have 'specific issues'. It matters to us as we spend endlessly on this hobby. All we want is to be able to fly - not be perpetual beta testers and/or problem solvers. There is WAY too much of that out there already...He apparently has had 'specific issues' because (1) he stated "otherwise it doesn't look ok." and (2) he's here - looking for help - for support. Did you help him ? I'm not being condescending, I am trying to help, to shine a light. We're all supposed to be on the same team. Simming is supposed to be fun, a way to escape reality for a time. This wasn't fun...nor helpful. I apologize in advance to anyone who may be offended by this post. Again, just trying to help...
  5. Clarification needed: Judging from the time stamps, B77X's second post and Nick's first post may have conflicted. B77X has 2 separate issues, but it looks as if Nick has only dealt with the second one and the posts have criss-crossed somewhat between the 2 issues... Note - this is based on assumption on my part - and we all know what happens when we assume... 1 - fx_2_orbx_KSTS.bmp; This file is apparently misplaced by the installer in - Prepar3D\Effects I am guessing it should be in - Prepar3D\Effects\texture This is based on the fact that there are no 'fx_2_orbx_****' files in the 'Prepar3D\Texture' folder, but there are in the 'Prepar3D\Effects\texture' folder... I had no 'fx_2_orbx_KSTS.bmp' in my 'Prepar3D\Effects\texture' folder, so I agree with B77X that... 2 - ORBX_KPSP_LightShade_RotMed.fx; Nick is right on this - this file is in both places, and seem identical, so delete it out of 'Prepar3D\Effects\texture' if you wish...
  6. Yes...I would like to install this a/c too, but am wondering about the gauges and the VC...do they show up and function properly in P3Dv4...???
  7. Thank you for the reply Bill...and for all you do for us simmer-heads...lol...believe me, it is G R E A T L Y appreciated... And to clarify, I was speaking of the sim community in general as we quite often don't get concise direction in these types of matters. It is always nice to be able to have at least half an idea of what your doing when we start ripping and tearing at our sims...lol... BTW, my guess is the team is already working on an algorithm to read your mind...good luck wit 'dat...eh... As far as TPR's and migration...I understand completely...a lot of stick-handling to say the least... Since you spelled it out so clearly, in comparison to the time and effort involved, considering ObjectFlow2 and any other upgrades, and getting this all combined under FTX Central' s super-convenient administration, this is all well worth $16.48...BTW, did I mention "Thank you for the sales ?"... Well it's off to the ORBX store... ... ... ...That was easy... Thanks Bill and Thank you ORBX.
  8. All too often, in the flight sim world, pertinent information is fragmented and well dispersed - it only took me about an hour to piece together the proper iBlueYonder migration/install procedure. Here is what I have found, so far, in hopes that others will benefit from time saved... Tacked onto the bottom of this release announcement; Bill's back with KACK Nantucket Memorial Airport, 2B2 Plum Island Airport/6B6 Minute Man Air Field **SODE files - I suspect you would have to remove the "iBlueYonder_Nantucket.xml" file also if installing the ORBX version of KACK** Almost forgot: It's probably a good idea to remove these entries from your sim's scenery library before you axe any files... That covers most of it. Question: What about the "Plum Island - Minute Man FTX Global Blending... - uninstall it or not ? I suspect either; a ) it is built into the ORBX package and not required or b ) it is no longer pertinent... Editorial: It is pretty much agreed that ORBX products are benchmark quality - possibly an understatement. Probably also agreed that they come at a premium price. No complaint but TBH, some can only purchase at sale prices simply due to the cost versus number of available packages (BTW-thank you for the excellent sales ;-)) ). Again - no complaint - but did you ever add up the cost if one were to purchase everything on the ORBX product list . Shooo baby...Inevitably most, if not all, of us will eventually. I see JV smiling now...lol... So, regarding the "Third Party Retailer" conundrum - the only way for someone to acquire the ORBX upgrades to iBlueYonder products purchased from TPR's, is to re-purchase them - through ORBX. Hmm...seems we could do a little better here. Some say they don't mind supporting (again) - and I get that - but, it does bite to have to pay again... So, why not a "Customer Loyalty" initiative. Say - a coupon offering to loyal customers who purchased from TPR's, to redeem at the ORBX store. Basically we would simply be rolling 'already purchased' products under the ORBX umbrella. Ultimately, this is the only way to ensure proper upgrading moving forward. You get happy (loyal) customers and we get the warm fuzzy feeling of being well looked after...a win-win for sure...
  9. Wow. I don't believe it. After a week of intermittently trying to d/l NA for P3D v2 with no success - and no solutions... I tried Free Download Manager. It worked no problem... Thanks Holger. **I still think there is something not right with this file - everything else downloads from the ORBX site no issue...**
  10. +1 I get the same thing. Cleared cache - no difference... This is the ONLY download issue I have encountered. I download regularly with no problems...
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