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  1. I updated to P3D and everything works beautiful..Thanks so much for the help!!
  2. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one having this problem...I'm using P3Dv4.5, Global Base pack, and Global vector only and I tried uninstalling multiple times and the same problems occurs as the images show above...To bad you cannot disable KSjC in Global vector manually due to elevation issues..
  3. I do not have another KSJC scenery by another developer added to P3D...The only one I have is from Orbx that I recently purchased today...
  4. Thanks for the response and assistance , but I'm not quite understanding the question...What other version?
  5. I'm using P3Dv4.5 have the Global base, trees HD, vector, and this is occurring..It looks like I'm having and elevation issue....How do I fix this??
  6. Amazing images.....My wallet is ready so when is the official release date??
  7. Today at Orbx Central I saw that they were were offering KFAT!!... I was so excited and was ready pull out the CC card, until I discovered that this scenery is only for X-plane..My question is do they plan to offer this beautiful scenery for P3Dv4++ in the future???
  8. Yes and no........In order for it to work when you get to the main flight screen in P3D you have to go to Scenery Library, open it, then press OK every-time you operate P3D or the distorted building will return again....
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