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  1. Great to see Vashon! I have many fond memories of starting at Darrington and using VORs and pilotage to get to vashon. I remember thinking how accurate everything was and now look where we are! Thanks for posting.
  2. I wonder if it is their rendition of a blue spruce, showing up more frosty in the sim, just a guess. Kind regards Kelly
  3. very nice set of pics, the settings are great!!
  4. Really neat set of pics, well done!
  5. Very nice set of pics, well done!
  6. Great shots of a place not seen often, thanks for posting!!
  7. Nice pics, interesting program, keep us updated on how it goes!
  8. Very nice shot of a great plane!!
  9. Very nice set of winter shots, well done!!
  10. Great shots and a wonderful tour!!
  11. Very nice set of shots! Your settings are great, looking forward to the next installment of Escape as well. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Fun flight to follow, well done!
  13. Very nice set of shots, well done!
  14. Nice set of some great scenery, thanks for posting!
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