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  1. Hello! I'm trying to download and install Orbx SoCal onto my PC but im running into an issue. My install hangs and stops at around 99%, and it'll stop for several hours before finally cancelling. I have it downloading to my HDD which is a 6Tb HDD with lots of space. I've tried running the install with my firewall disabled with the same result. Any tips on what else it could be?
  2. My issue is resolved everyone. What I did was disable my overclock and turned off my firewall for the install. All is well. Thanks for all the help!
  3. @Jon Clarke yes, in fact that was one of the first things I did. That tutorial directed me to switch to a standard AHCI driver. It won’t even install with that driver, the icon just spins and nothing starts.
  4. Hello! I’ve recently built an absolute beauty of a PC. Unfortunately, all of my addons have downloaded flawlessly EXCEPT orbx true earth Washington. It gets about a third of the way there, and then I get a BSOD for DPC WATCHDOG violation. Every time. I’ve updated every single one of my drivers. I even purchased driver easy to keep them updated. I’ve followed all steps for this particular blue screen but to no avail. I have no other issues with any of my other sceneries. Has anyone else had this issue? Would downloading manually perhaps help my issue? My specs: i9-9900k 5ghz 2080ti g-skill 32gb Ram 3200mhz EK watercooling with dual 360mm radiators
  5. So after several years of flight simming, I decided my PC needed a fresh windows install. Everything has worked great so far, except all of my orbx products. I downloaded FTX central, but when I download a product, say FTX global for example, it doesn't show up in my sim nor my scenery library. I also can't find the path in which it's downloading to. Could this be due to my recent windows install? I don't have the files on my PC anymore but I do have them on ORBX direct. Thanks for the help!
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