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  1. I have Global and Landclass NA installed in P3D v5 and notice that the mountains south of Anchorage are really strange, brown mountains with few trees, green and zero snow in May. If I fire up P3D v4 with the same Orbx products installed the mountains are rocky and green with snow caps. Any ideas why this is happening?
  2. I unchecked all ORBX scenery but no change. Is there a way to uninstall only the ORBX Libraries?
  3. I can try to uncheck in the scenery library, however, that does not shutdown any other items running in the background. I ready on the FSL forums that the Enigma protection may be an issue, how to I shut that down for testing....not sure I have seen it in running processes?
  4. Grasping at straws here but I have a problem where several strange things in P3D only happen in Europe. These being, 1) I cannot open menu items (Click in FSUIPC in the menu and nothing happens, same for GSX and others). 2) ChasePlane does not work in Europe, fine anywhere else in the world. 3) FSL A320X will not start second engine in Europe, MCDU entry does not work properly, fine everywhere else. The only thing I can think of that has changed recently is updating Open LC Europe to 1.51 but I cannot figure out why or how this would impact these other issues I am seeing in the sim. By the way I also updated the ORBX Libraries at the same time. Using FTX Central 3. So is it possible that LC can be causing these issues ?
  5. I managed to fix the problem. My scenery was all out of order, possibly since moving to Central 3. Re did the order based on some advice I found here and problem resolved. I just hope Central does not change the order now next time I load it.
  6. I have an elevation problem with KEGE where the land between runways and taxiways is 10ft higher than the rest of the terrain. I have run the auto elevation tool in Vector and also moved the airpor to the other selection but to no avail. I have also turned off the BGL from MyTraffic6. Any ideas, this was working before but i recently updated P3D to 3.4 patch 2.
  7. We should all assume nothing is safe. Now if you want to or have to use a credit card online the very simple thing to do is get one with a very low limit....say $500 and use it exclusively for online purchases that don't accept PayPal. The bank will stand behind it if the card gets compromised and in the very unlikely (or impossible) chance your bank does not you are out a max of $500 which sucks but will not ruin your life. Perspective people!!!!
  8. A few thoughts on this: 1) It definitely takes away the impusle buy. I see something great on Avsim, a video on Frugel Sim News, drop in here to look at it and then bam buy with Paypal. Now I have to go downstairs, get the wallet, etc, etc. probably give it a second thought and maybe not bother. 2) The credit card things does not bother me at all, but I can see how it would for some. For those who are really paranoid, just get another credit card with a very low limit of say $500 and use it exclusively for online purchases. I have purchased so much online with credit cards and never had an issue, I suspect most will not either. 3) For ORBX a suggestion for those who want to use PayPal - charge a higher price to cover the cost difference. There are creative ways to do it that will not violate the TOS with Paypal.
  9. I was flying a VFR flight today (that ended up being IFR due to low fog off the ocean) from Angwin Parret up to Southwest Regional when I had to cut the flight short. I selected KCEC (Crescent city) as a good landing spot and proceeded down through the clouds to land on runway 36. To my surprise the airport was not a P3D default but a very nice airport that looked like a nice ORBX field. I checked the freeware list and it was not on it so I wonder if this is missing or maybe if it is part of Northern California? In any case it was a very pleasant surprise, thanks!
  10. Interesting that you say this, it may be true but I don't recall seeing this in RW. But here is another case with a very large hydro path along Highway 407 across north Toronto. You can see in the Google earth image the path at the south side of the highway, very clearly seen. In P3D you can also see the path and the towers are there, maybe not quite as clearly cutout but still a great representation of reality. So why would this be done essentially correctly but the other one one in such a different way that is a big departure from reality?
  11. I am trying to understand the differences between the various road types, major, secondary & tertiary. My understanding was major was highway (like Interstate 80). Or maybe even an undivided highway like Highway 101 in CA. Secondary - Main roads in a city, rural highways. Tertiary - Roads in a subdivision, smaller roads in a city. I think this is not accurately understood on my part because in any subdivision the roads seem random so I wonder if someone can explain this a bit better for me. thanks.
  12. OK here are some screenshots of what I am talking about. Location is 430958N 0801853W Here is the view from P3D. The highway is on the bottom side of the brown smudge. I should note that the rivers are portrayed very accurately and so is the highway in terms of location, curves in the road, etc. from the aircraft view. Here is what you see on Google Earth. The highway is running top to bottom of the picture in the middle. No brown smudge.
  13. I was flying over Brampton Ontario east towards Hamilton when I noticed a really odd brown strip in the landscape. This is in the location of a major highway - 403. Upon closer look the road was there next to the strip and I thought it might be a hydo easement so check Google maps and there is nothing there. I am sure you have lots of anomolies in Vector or maybe this is due to the new LC product. Perhaps you can take a look at it. thanks.
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