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  1. Sniper31, thank you for your kind comments. Take care.
  2. Hello, I use the FI GTN 750/650 for Prepar3d and Reality XP for Xplane. Regards
  3. So it was you buzzing my Cessna Great vid, thanks
  4. Hi BradB, thank you....I see Meribel is now available as a DLC for this scenery...might just give it a go!
  5. Hi Raymond, I didn't understand your response above....until I read my initial reply....sorry my mistake, that was not what I intended to say....I'll try again....Yes the flat part of the runway is much shorter than in real life, by quite a significant margin...the slope in the scenery starts before it should. In real life not sure if the slope starting this early would make it too dangerous to land on?
  6. Hi Raymond, Yes you are right the bottom is less steep than in reality. Thanks for pointing this out, and I enjoyed checking out your links. Nonetheless the scenery still captures the core of the challenges that Courchevel has, and for now remains one of my all time favorites. Regards.
  7. Thank you Orbx. A great scenery addition to Xplane 11
  8. Clarity needed please. No where, including the manual, does it specify if FTX Central will automatically update to the new version. No where (that I can find) does it state what the install or uninstall first option should be ...do I uninstall?....maybe its just me, if so apologies, I must of missed the instructions somewhere, but I am not sure how to proceed. Some guidance would be appreciated. Thank you Mark
  9. Thank you for your kind comments, and thanks for stopping by
  10. Whilst not bush strips, the ORBX Norway scenery includes many small challenging airports nestled in valleys between the mountains, with some challenging approaches. Highly recommended. Mark
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