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  1. No worries, hope you are enjoying your new home! Well, I also have FSAD installed and fixed it the same way @dagghito did on the other Thread. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Very strange behaviour LM implemented there. Maybe you guys can reach out to them so they are aware that there really is a problem.
  2. During the installation I choosed the P3D folder install method (so legacy way). The folder P3D/Scenery/world/Scenery contains the following file: LEBB_ADEP3_MN_ALT.bgl I then had a look into the P3D\ORBX\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_AA_LEBB\scenery folder. I could see there is a similar file in there: LEBB_ADEP3_MN_CVX.bgl Maybe this is the conflict? Tried to remove one of them and keep the other, then started the simulator, no success with both unfortunately.
  3. Hello Marcus, thanks for the quick reply! No I dont a have an AI traffic addon installed, as i am using IVAO. Very weird that I got that issue, didnt have that in my previous Installation and I am still at the very beginning of my new Installation so there ist not much going on scenery-wise at the moment
  4. Hello Guys, went to reinstall my complete system. Unfortunately I got some elevation issues with LEBB. I have Global, Vector, OpenLC EU, GES North and South installed, without any issues so far except LEBB. ORBX Central 4.0.16 is used, scenery data is installed in the sim folder. P3D is the very latest version with HF2. Already tried reinstalling the scenery. The Vector Tool doesnt suggest LEBB to be excluded. Any suggestions what to try next? Thanks for your help
  5. Also got massive FPS losses with 4.5 and GES/GEN enabled. Using Aerosofts EDDF as a reference (because I fly there a lot) I usually get 27-30 fps there (with 4.4 and the FSL A320). Upgraded to 4.5 and its completely unflyable with 18-20 fps. I disabled all GES/GEN entries in the scenery library. I left Global, Vector and OpenLC Europe activated though. Now I am seeing 30-32 fps with the same P3D settings.
  6. @ ORBX Team It would be great if you can make your static jetways excludable with GSX V2. Because, lets be honest, we will never see moving jetways from ORBX anytime soon...
  7. Its said to be in development for years now. We`ve never seen any previews or anything giving the impression that they are working on that with full power or that it is nearing completition. So our best hope is GSX and someone who is willing to spend his time and effort in building a GSX preset.
  8. Any news to that, or moving jetways at all at ESSA?
  9. Hello Holger, thank you so much for the clarification. Glad that there is no problem with my installation. Too bad that we cant get rid of those repeating patterns. In Germany region I dont experience it that much (at least as I perceived it) Textures itself are very nice though
  10. Hello Holger, I dont use any landclass addons except OpenLC. I checked the OLC_EU folders: EU1-EU5 have two BGLs and lots of textures in it, EU6,EU7,EU10 three BGLs and again lots of textures, EU8-EU9 has tons of BGLs and tons of textures As you already said, no errors occured during installation. I have some examples of repeating textures here, this is best visible over flat terrain. This shot is somewhere over Serbia (N45°35.87 / E20°11.0): Spain (N41°40.05 / W5°15.22):
  11. Tried to reapply Global in FTX Central and installed the latest Libs, but still I can only see OpenLC in EU6 Area Seems like a complete system reset is the only way to get it right
  12. Hey Ian, thanks for your answer. I installed 1.15 but had no success with fixing the problem 1.15 is for missing airport buildings only
  13. Hello guys, just installed ORBX OpenLC Europe along with Vector and Global of course. But unfortunately I cant see a difference from stock FSX in the scenery area except for EU6 parts of OpenLC. All entries ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE entries (1-10) are existing in the scenery library and no installation errors occured. I am using the latest version (1.10) and FSX SP2. Can anyone help me out here
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