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  1. Fresh Day - fresh start - same result Method Fresh download: Orbx Central + Global Base + Libraries + EU Norway + ENSG Songdal All files Verified Prepar3D_v5_Professional_5.1.12.26829 - Clean Install Files installed using inside folder method - ObjectFlow in Library Additional Norway airports installed for comparison All settings set to max value O/S: Windows 10 Pro (clean install 6 days ago) Since the other Orbx airports are working fine - I am out of ideas. ENSG https://imgur.com/1HSpElg ENSD for comparison https://imgur.com/CuxBvtj scenery.cfgadd-ons.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml
  2. I noticed ObjectFlow missing from the standard install - reinstalled it - no change Just for kicks I went back and did a clean install using the Library method - same result Files attached add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml
  3. Took a while - clean standard install add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml
  4. Orbx Libraries installed and verified and working with every other product
  5. I cannot get any of the buildings or terminal objects to appear. I have tested with a clean P3D install and only Global Base + EU Norway + ObjectFlow. I have tried using the standard method and via the Library method, same result each time. I know ObjectFlow is working as I have a ground handlers and passengers. This is the only dud in my 200+ Orbx collection, any suggestions ?
  6. I have had a number of these over the past day ... in v4.5 HF3. The main culprit seems to be the ActiveSky Beta. It will also depend on how complex an aircraft you are using. Reverting to ActiveSky for P3Dv4 has solved my issues.
  7. Thank you Nick, I had read that caution but hadn't realised how widespread the issue would be. v5 is interesting but v4 looks like the better option for the moment.
  8. EU England & EU Scotland *not True Earth (also maybe Wales) It does not matter whether I use the Library .xml method or install directly in the sim, the default P3D buildings show through at all the airports I have tried. Something has definitely changed in v5....because an identical install in v4 works perfectly. I guess the exclusion zones are going to need looking at.
  9. The mesh appears to be available but not the landclass - strange.
  10. While you wait for an official answer - reference the Central User Guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QqebVX8fUFdFtOOEMR1ZULkhhieenQHNopfNY-5_K0Y/edit# Third-party addon organizers (e.g P4AO) Previous versions of Orbx Central conflicted heavily with the use of these types of tools, however 4.0.24 and onwards do work correctly with these tools. This requires that the ‘Legacy Layering’ checkbox in Orbx Central settings under Insertion Point is disabled.
  11. Thank you for the explanation - will stop worrying now.
  12. All other patches show a v2 option checkbox in the Control Panel This is missing for Caloudra - the manual download file only contains only one file APX_YCDR.bgl and no updated config script.
  13. And if you try to "Verify" the product you get a message warning you that you do not own it.
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