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  1. Hi I was wondering if it would possible to add a function to Orbx Central that allows you to hide purchased titles from the main store page. This would make it easier to shop for new titles, specifically when a sale is on. In addition, would it be possible to highlight the names of items that are on sale where they are vertically listed on the left, making them easier to find?
  2. My apologies. I thought I was posting in the Orbx Central support page (wrong tab). Please move it to that forum
  3. Hi On a number of recent downloads from Orbx Central, I have noticed that the download goes well at first and then from about half way through, the speed drops down to about 10% of what it was for the first half (From 2 MBps down to a steady 250 KBps) Does anybody have any idea why this would happen? Regards
  4. That's great news, Anna ! Thank you for breaking the ice. I have one question. What are the plans regarding existing airports and getting them to work in MSFS, if possible?
  5. Gaffer Simulations is making another airport in the Joburg area available for free tomorrow on Simmarket. Its Lanseria Intl (FALA)
  6. I have to agree with Rongor as well. What I love about my simulator is that I can see the world through it. I too have seen "enough" of the NA / EU areas, even though I will continue to fly in those areas regularly, but this is mostly because I want to enjoy the scenery I have paid for. I would happily give out the bucks to expand those horizons. I am enjoying OpenLC South America at the moment and its great to see FlightBeam is going to release Quito airport. It's the first time I've seriously ventured into South America and it is truly exciting to fly onwards and see what's around the next corner. Africa and Asia would undoubtedly provide the same experience. It will be great to see focus shifted into the more adventurous areas that the globe has to offer. Imagine starting up your 206 and hopping between the lodges in Botswana's Okavango Delta, or following the Zambezi River past the Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba. Namibia would be a lot of fun too. For the heavier aircraft, South Africa has a lot of routes to try out, both domestic and international. As a real-world pilot, in my previous job I flew a Cessna around South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and DRC. I saw some amazing things and I would love to be able to extend that experience further in the simulator
  7. Its great to see Africa is on its way ! I fly over Madikwe Game Reserve quite often and over Pilanesberg National Park on a daily basis in real life. I can't wait to enjoy it in the sim too! Thanks for the effort you guys put into your work!
  8. I could look at this Hawker all day long and not get bored...She's a beaut Departing Cape Town on TETAN1C for a flight to Bloemfontein with an NDB approach
  9. Thanks Voyager. I just want to know who developed this flight sim model
  10. Thanks for the comments guys. Hopefully in a few months time I'll be able to show you some pictures of Botswana ! I'm hoping to get a job flying C206's there. Here is the basic route I followed on my trip: https://skyvector.com/?ll=-25.737745778182894,27.99282075277539&chart=301&zoom=5&fpl=N0065A0602548S02731E%20FAPY%202716S02741E%202842S02810E%202831S02836E%202829S02900E%202834S02909E%202804S03015E%202845S03029E%202845S03025E%20FALY%202843S02914E%202839S02908E%202850S02914E%202858S02926E%202901S02926E%202906S02937E%202927S02948E%202945S02930E%203045S03027E%203102S03015E%202953S03103E%202944S03105E%202926S03117E%202925S03117E%202916S03128E%20FAEM%20FAHL%20FAMU%202725S03158E%202726S03137E%202726S03109E%202700S03046E%202637S03044E%202552S03054E%202543S03058E%202527S03052E%202500S03103E%202506S03046E%202449S03055E%202440S03053E%202436S03047E%202430S03049E%20FAHT%202426S03034E%202426S03026E%20FAMI%202518S02809E%202548S02730E
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