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  1. Hi Rob again, Unfortunately it didn't work. Somehow, I can't attach the snapshot I've got but the problem still continues. But after your advice I've deactivated DX10, it seems it was directley related with it. Thnks for your advice... BR
  2. Hi Rob, I've just noticed and was trying to attach! But I didn't make it yet (it's because of my sec. settings, I think!!!) Yes, you're right about FSX mode Thank you for your feedback , let me try and inform you again... BTW, CTRL+V option is not working for attachments!
  3. Dear All, I have just installed FTX_Global on my computer with pleasure! But there is something wrong with terrain although (as you could see on attachments - it doesn't change depends on region, it is same on every location) I've tried to uninstall and install many times to be able to fix it. I was trying to find an issue related with my problem but I didn't find it. Could you please give me your advises / comments / supports what could be the wrong. Because I've tried many things (include patches) but there is no change! I've 64 Bit W-7, 16 G Ram, ASUS HD7770. Not believe the issue is related with computer performance? Appreciate your feedback's... BR F
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