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  1. I think the preview section will provide such videos prior to release, and if not you will find tons of these videos by users on release day. So you will get a good picture whether to buy it or not. And as stated above i too think the NLPR release day will be the key day when people finally be able to decide if they want more of this stuff.
  2. P3Dv4 version would be a no brainer for me. I'm from Germany and sure i would support this "mission to Mars"! Do it, ORBX... be the first to make this step... may the storage be with you!
  3. Wonderful little airport! I would say a back-to-the-roots-ORBX-style! These kind of airports made them famous. Love it!
  4. I love checking all the time, and suddenly... Bang! There it is again, this feeling you only get twice a year.
  5. I also hope the projects get smaller... and the file sizes get bigger!
  6. Thanks for this lot of great news! Can't wait for some previews...
  7. These look so natural! The colors of the ground textures... perfect!
  8. Spectacular shots! These mountains and landscape... Simply beautiful!
  9. Personally i also would love too see Phu Quoc in ORBX quality because my wife was born there. I arrived many times on both the old and now the new airport. Nice to see that it's not only on my wishlist.
  10. Simson, i guess all platforms will be supported!:-)
  11. John, can you tell us which platforms these will support?
  12. Looks like the most detailed scenery package ever created in FS world. Again i'm completely jarradized and marshallized!!!
  13. First of all a big THANK YOU for this! Okay, no tech questions... but can you say something about the expected duration to convert ORBX addons from v3 to lets name it v4 compatibility? Will it be a quickie or is it possible that we have to wait as long as with v2 > v3?
  14. NIce to hear that it works now! But if definitely FTX Vector caused the problem... who knows. At least it seems to have fixed the problem which was caused by whatever.
  15. Just for clarification, did you only look in the vector_AEC folder or also in the vector_APT folder? I don't have the Heathrow addon addon but in my vector_APT folder there is *EGLL* file. I paste a text what i found telling how to manually add an airport to the AEC list, maybe give it a try. If it doesn't help just revert the action. "For those having elevation issues with Vector 1.15 and on and if the airport you're having issues with isn't in the list for manually dissabling it; Go to your FSX folder and then to the ORBX folder and then to the VECTOR folder; go to the folder VECTOR_APT and open the "scenery" folder, you will see a list of all airports in FSX, go to the airport wich you want to change and copy that file ( for example; ABP_LSZH.bgl ), then go to the folder VECTOR_AEC and open the "scenery" folder and paste the ABP_ file there, now change the name from ABP_ into AEC_ and close everything. Go to your FTX config tool and open AEC tool, now your airport will be in the list where you can manually disable it and it works."
  16. I think there was a way to manually add an airport to the AEC list or so. Was just reading about it in another topic. I think you have to look inside your Vector/apt folder for the desired airport file. But i don't remember if you have to copy it to the /aec folder or to manually disable it... Maybe it's worth a try and hopefully someone with the exact procedure can chime in here.
  17. Hi, just a suggestion/question... Wouldn't it make sense, now after the release of GEN, to list the German airport sceneries in the "Europe" Categorie of FTX Central? Or are there reasons, maybe compatibility related, why they are still found in the "FTX Global Range"? Thanks
  18. What a crispy cracker! So delicious. If i only could eat these screenshots...
  19. No John, the option "I have FTX AU installed" is enabled. Was also checking this immediately when i saw the textures. Thanks Nick, by installing the files provided by Holger the washed out textures are gone at least.
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