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  1. Sorry mate, I was paying attention to the Globemaster going over me at a very low altitude, not people watching
  2. How weird, we were on that bridge watching the action at Riverfire in 2019 as well!
  3. The IAG server is temporarily down, but shall hopefully be back to normal soon. The flightplans are derived from real world schedules, so you will see plenty of QFA at Sydney, AAL at Dallas Fort Worth etc, and nothing unrealistic . I have about 1400 flightplans installed but if you only fly to certain areas you can just install the flightplans that interest you.
  4. Oh yes, floods this month, then cyclones, fires will be later in the year when it all dries out.....
  5. Nice shots! Your weather is very accurate Gerold, we've had plenty of rain here in Queensland over recent days.
  6. Don't forget to check out the Orbx Murray Island freeware whilst you're in that neck of the woods.
  7. Thanks for the advice John, that 2K option may well work. cheers Ian
  8. H'mm, I might need to hold off then. Thanks for your assistance Doug.
  9. Thanks Doug, is that after adding Sydney Cityscape? Any idea what it was before? I manage Australia v2 & Fly Tampa Sydney okay with my settings. Ian
  10. Could someone who has added the new Sydney Cityscape to existing Australia V2 & Fly Tampa Sydney please advise what your VRAM usage looks like? I don't use study level aircraft but only have a 6Gb GPU so need to be moderate in what I install. cheers Ian
  11. The wind at ground level might be doing something very different to that at 2-3000ft, especially in the mountains
  12. When you say something is wrong, what exactly are you encountering? Are the airports appearing , but with perhaps elevation issues, or are you not seeing anything other than default airports/scenery? Can you give specific product examples?
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