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  1. I have been getting this computer freeze too, I don’t think it’s related to North California as I have had it elsewhere. I think it’s likely something being addressed in the hot fix from Lockheed Martin that’s due soon.
  2. Is there much impact on performance with it as far as you can tell?
  3. I notice a very worrying increase in VRAM usage at Leeds on finals it jumps from 4.5 to 5.9 GB used That concerns me for when I start using PMDG aircraft. I am currently using the A2A VFR planes. I am also using in on True Earth GB. Is there any option to optimise it better?
  4. My experience the same as the previous poster all gone smoothly and Orbx libraries system was a god send. Full uninstall and reinstall completed. Recommended that you follow their instructions to the letter.
  5. https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2020/04/116506/
  6. I am also happy with it. It’s a vast improvement over V4.5. Butter smooth and no pauses over True Earth GB and pay ware airports. No regrets here.
  7. Nick, is this possibly where I am going wrong do I have to migrate everything in v4 to library, before installing it in v5? I was put off by the warning saying that it is not recommended. i have until now been copying from P3D v4 Orbx folder to P3D v5 Orbx folder, without success.
  8. The trouble is when I copy over, the scenery title is still in grey and there is no option to verify The only option is to install then it is downloading again Orbx Global, trees and buildings I installed by downloading. Brian
  9. I am struggling with the copy paste thing too, I first copied into the V5 folder from the same folder in V4 and Central didn't see it I then tried in the Orbx library folder on a separate drive where trees and buildings have gone into Central still doesn't see it I was testing with FTX England. I really don't want to download everything again if I dont have too My V4.5 is still intact and Central is the latest .16 version. I am sure I am likely missing something simple here.
  10. Same to you and yours Iain, thank you for all your kind support and advice always. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Brian Crawley
  11. I must say I spent all day downloading the True Earth South update yesterday, what a difference. I was so disappointed after installing it when it was first released, the first ORBX product I was unhappy with. Whatever the developers have done have transformed this scenery to make it useable and beautiful. As a result I am now downloading TE North and Central, so another day of no flying lol. Hurry up and roll out full fibre here BT. Can’t wait I to see my home town etc in True Earth. Thank you for sticking with it and well done to the developers. Also thank you for the launch offer, it’s made my week Brian Crawley
  12. I have X-Plane but struggled with camera setup etc, so really stuck to P3D. Thank you for the shot though, can almost see my home town Kirkcaldy in it. Nick, I did use the Scotflight Bridges, but I am certain they are not as good as those to be released soon lol Brian
  13. Exciting times still. Thanks John. Might finally get my Raith Rovers stadium and the great looking Forth Bridges in my sim at last. Just hoping the performance is improved.
  14. Yes, must agree with the comments above. A great improvement.
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