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  1. I am was wondering the same thing... Adelaide Airport is definitely causing CTD issues. I have tested a couple of time.
  2. I am also getting CTD when I load the Orbx Adelaide Airport... I have disable YPAD and cityscape to stop CTD...
  3. Is there a way to use Volanta on a network computer or tablet without Volanta running on the FS Computer? Thanks Andrew
  4. Can I use on a second computer/tablet without loading the app on the Sim computer Andrew
  5. Hi, I have some floating building on the west cargo side of the airport .. Starts just before Taxi W4 , W3 taxi exit 02L Andrew Brown
  6. I should point out I have the latest version of P3D V5.1.12.26829 and latest Nvidia drivers 461.92
  7. I have update YBBN to V2 and continue to get device hung errors . I am running a high end system with a 2080TI I have tried different Nvidia drivers and the problem is still there... NO problems with any other airports Andrew
  8. I only have P3D V5 install so how do I go about purchasing non V5 compatible software through Orbx Central... I am after Immersion NGXu then I will wait for the V5 update Thanks Andrew
  9. Hi, Is there a google map .xml outlining what LC Africa covers? I am interested if the Mid east is covered Thanks Andrew
  10. Hi, I have spotted this problem along the coast south of Adelaide Airport (near Lonsdale) Thanks Andrew
  11. Hi Guys. Is the download version on FS Global for P3DV4.xx compatiable with ORBX Vectors and scenery. I am currently using Free Mesh which is working fine. Thanks Andrew
  12. I removed the !FTX_NA_SCA files from the scenery directory and all is fine... Very strange I have checked the other scenery files and the !FTX .... has been included... These appear to be the new lighting files Andrew
  13. same issue here.... I wonder how you roll back the update? Regards, Andrew
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