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  1. First I purchased TE Washington SD 5d8b60ecda251 but although it indicated not installed in FTX Central v3.3.9.2 when I drilled down to install it. "There are no downloads available for this product", the same message is present under TE US Washington Enhancement Pack. Desperate I then paid an extra $10 for the HD Upgrade 5d8b9929b4b84 which I am now installing. The SD version is still showing as "There are no downloads available for this product". I may need to uninstall the HD and replace with SD depending on performance, why can't I still not see it to install?
  2. Happy to set this to closed, but don't know how to do that!.
  3. Have succeeded with install. I think the problem was server side timeouts combined with a lack of error trapping. But, really amazing product!!!
  4. Really pleased for John, but I am still getting nowhere from my repeated installs. I think the problems are probably due to poor error trapping. If the installation process encounters a fatal error at any point, it's reported as a completed (successfull) install. Rather than executing an appropriate error handling routine. Any new suggestions? Thank you, Mark
  5. Install of HE GB South completes & converts successfully on my Windows 10 PC which already had FTX England & Manchester Barton installed as well as Vector, FS Global, Steam etc and the latest release if FTX Central. Start XP11 loads ok, select Gatwick/Headcorn/EGGD or any other. During subsequent load, get the following message:- Be Advised Error, could not locate image file for terrain Custom scenery/ORBX_C_GB_South_TrueEarth_Orthos/Terrian/a910x10160x17.ter Custom scenery/ORBX_C_GB_South_TrueEarth_Orthos/Textures/a910x10160x17.dds I successfully verified the installation and reinstalled(derived from ORBX forums) on another PC, but in both cases I get exactly the same error. Please advise? Thank you, Mark
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