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  1. Yep. all set to 1.00 I checked that before posting and played with it. Still looks much too light. Especially for summer. This appears to be a global issue as I see the same thing is some areas of the United States where I personally know the real life geography and flora. southern US in particular. I have global base pack, global vector and both LCEurope and LC North America installed. I also did a verify files on all this.
  2. Hi. I have noticed that FTX ground textures appear lighter, or different colors in P3D 4.5 than in previous versions. As a general rule, I ALWAYS do a verify files on Orbx products when I do any upgrade to P3D. What I am seeing for instance in FTX England is below. This is several shades lighter in color than the pics on the Orbxdirect.com site and what I had previously. (this is summer season, around mid day.) I have not changed shaders. FYI. I also noted this same thing flying in south Georgia USA in summer time. What should be lush greenery is now littered with brownish tiles. (looks like drought!) FTX England (between London and Bristol). (I deactivated TEGBS pending resolution of FPS issues.)
  3. Hi all, I have owned TEGBS for a little over a week and am very impressed with the scenery. Especially the city of london, a place very close to my heart. I am however, not very pleased with the frame rates. I have a high end machine and still only get 8-15 FPS, which is unflyable to me. I have RTFM and I did follow John Venemas recommendations on system settings. In fact, I set up an identical profile under ORBX LONDON-GA just like John. Still no good. I am using P3D 4.5, which I am so far finding to be worse on frames than 4.4. The combination here is forcing me to strongly consider abandoning TEGBS. I also own FTX England and I may have to be satisfied with that (which is still excellent.) Are there any further suggestions on how to fly TEGBS with reasonable FPS? I am happy with a limit of 30 FPS. My system is as follows so Im a bit surprised I dont get better performance. Asus ROG Strix Z390 E gaming Motherboard Intel i7-8700K coffee lake processor 3.7 Mhz (overclocked to 5 Mhz) 32 GB of G.skill 3200 Mhz DDR4 dram Corsair Water cooling system 850 watt power supply 1 TB Crucial technologies M.2 2080 SSD - completely dedicated to P3D Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080 8GB Video card Windows 10 Professional OS 40 inch UHD 4K TV/monitor Corsair Obsidian 750D full tower case I have a suggestion... which might be a good product on its own. Can Orbx consider making a standalone London scenery as a derivative of TEGBS and FTX England? I'd pay for that. Something lighter weight that still captures the essence and most of the city detail. I actually like the FTX England countryside scenery better and I get the whole country.
  4. Hi Nick, for whatever reason, this issue seems to have handled itself. I selected the disable boxes again and tried it and this time it worked fine. HOWEVER, discovered another minor but humorous bug. I decided to check out the tidal area around Bristol England and flew down the length of the Severn bridge. In doing so, I noted that the AI automobiles go up and OVER the second span of the bridge. They dont do it on the north span. but on the south span the cars happily climb up and right over the suspension span.
  5. Hi all, im an owner of TEGBS and FTX England and Wales. When I RTFM, it says that I should disable tidal photoreal regions in both Wales and England. When I check the boxes in the configuration tool in FTX Central 3 then launch the sim, the sim wants me to uninstall multiple items before it will launch. Shouldnt the FTX Central configuration tool do that for me as needed? As of now, I leave everything unchecked. I did fly out of Bristol England over the welsh tidal areas and it didnt look too weird. But if Im supposed to turn this off, I would like to know how.
  6. Hi. I am a new user of true earth great britain. I have found that Heathrow, London City and Birmingham England airports all have a single tree in the middle of the tarmac. How do I get rid of these? As a point of reference, I also have both FTX England and Wales. to insure that it was a problem with TE, I deactivated the True Earth scenery then tried each airport. The trees went away. Also, I note that the cars run under the thames bridges in London. Any fix for that? (not a big deal, but it looks like a quality control issue.)
  7. Hi. I used the FTX AU Control Tower to view AI traffic at a local airport after installing Ultimate Traffic Live. Very cool for watching AI. In using the radar, I used the "Fade In" and "Fade Out" options in the radar controls. I made the radar semi-transparent while doing so. I finished my session, then later returned to P3D 4.4 (version I use) and found that ALL my pop up windows on ALL sim aircraft are now semi-transparent. I also found I lost ATC voices. I can still hear aircraft noises (engines, cockpit sounds) but I get no voice at all for ATC. These two issues may not be linked but both occurred immediately after using The FTX AU Control Tower - Tall. I tried curing this myself by launching the FTX AU Control Tower-Tall and selecting FADE IN. That seemed to fix it, but on next session, back to same problem. Next, I went to FTX Central 3.3.60 and did the "Verify files" on the FTX AU traffic. This didnt help either. I also find now that the FTX AU Control Towers (both tall and short) now lock up the sim if I try to select them. I can no longer access these at all. I also use Chaseplane for views if this detail makes any difference. I need to get my pop up panel visibility back to full opaque and need my ATC voices as well. Please advise how I can do this. Thanks Eric
  8. Hi. small issue to report with Rugen airport (EDCG). Awesome little airport, but the shadows from aircraft do not cast on the cement taxiways or runway. It does cast on the asphalt surfaces. Either way, when shadow is cast over ground and taxiway at the same time, shadow absence is apparent. does not cause issues with flyability or enjoyment, but thought the author might want to have a look. I am using Orbx germany scenery FYI.
  9. Hi guys. I took a flight today from Camp Pendleton California and the airport was covered in trees on the runways etc. I have Orbx Southern California and Orbx Trees installed. Any idea whats causing this? The placement of the FTX files etc are all default installed in the scenery.cfg. Normally this kind of problem is caused by scenery in wrong order. Any idea here? Im running P3D 4.4. Thanks Eric
  10. Hi guys, I run P3D 4.4 and am having issues with my OrbxHD Trees. They dont appear correctly. The ones that show up are MUCH too light. and look nothing like the screen shots on this site. below image was taken in North Georgia (southern USA) in summer (june) time. The color of the hardwood trees is akin to what trees might look like in very early spring. Not sure whats wrong here. They look nothing like the images. I have had Orbx trees for awhile so I know these arent right as it looked much better in earlier P3D versions. In an self help effort before coming here... I have verified files on the trees/North America LC/ Global Vector/ Global base. I made sure I was using default shaders (and deleted my shader cache) and also made sure that the dynamic 3D vegetation /moving trees in default P3D were turned OFF. What might cause this? A
  11. Hi Guys, as a pretty addicted Orbx customer, I am wondering are there any plans to develop the City of Atlanta or the southeastern United States? This seems to be an underserved region besides KATL by some developers. Nobody, including MSFT and later Lockheed Martin, has developed anything near an accurate city of Atlanta. Also, what about Hawaii? This would seem to be a great environment for Orbx stuff. The region is reasonably large and a popular flying area.. I dont think the textures in Global base pack and vector do it justice. Great work as always men.
  12. I installed this and found it choppy and introduced stutters into P3D. I rolled back to 372.XX level which returned me back to smoothness. I have nvidia experience set up not to download newest drivers. its very good with the video recording tool it has.
  13. I have an upstar 28 inch UHD 4K monitor and run both my desktop and P3D at 3840x2160. I have a Asus Astrix GeForce 1070 video card and have Zero problems with it running in the 40-50 FPS range. Drops to the 20's in Norcal SFO area but otherwise runs schweet! What I am thinking about is a 43 inch UHD 4K flat screen television next as a monitor. I am assuming I can use that.
  14. Would be great if you could remove the trees from the apron at KHRT Hurlburt Field Florida.
  15. Hi guys. not sure if this is the right forum, if not, please push this to the right place. I flew from Peleliu airport today as this was a major WW2 battle and I wanted to see how it was rendered by orbx with global vector and Landclass etc. What I found was a number of small islands that were sunken into the ocean. As in inverted. Rather than above the ocean, they were there but pushed in. I realize this is a very small remote place. Generally not many people would fly there, but there is a bug here. I can post pics if needed.
  16. Ho Wolter. Unfortunately that didnt work in P3D. (now up to v3.4)
  17. Thanks Wolter. Where should I put this new version of terrain.cfg? I searched and couldnt find one associated with P3D.
  18. Hi guys, Not 100% sure this is the right forum, but here goes. Using P3D 3.35 and flying around Eglin AFB over to KHRT (Hurlburt field). Noticing trees bleeding onto the tarmac at KHRT. Using Orbx North America landclass, global vector etc. How to fix please?
  19. I ordinarily wouldn't pay 40 bucks for 3rd party scenery to fix what looks like a design error by Microsoft (and not fixed by Lockheed Martin), but I did buy this scenery and I am impressed!!! Thanks for the suggestion. Ordinarily would not have made that purchase.
  20. Hi guys, I have P3D 3.3.5 and also global vector, etc. I was flying over Moscow RU today and noted the messed up alignment of Red Square as well as some buildings nearby. Is this an issue for the Lockheed Martin P3D guys or is this an FTX issue?
  21. Hi just confirming my order info on this topic Order Number: FSS0506963 Order Date: 2016-08-03
  22. hi guys, over the weekend, I purchased a ASUS GTX 1070 Strix video card. THis sucker screams. FPS avg in the mid 50's and higher in P3D. However, I am having issues with blurry ground textures. In fact, I would say its worse now. I can have FPS in the 70s with blurry textures on the ground. If I pause the sim, the textures will catch up after a minute, but its irritating not to have fluid sharp textures. I started noticing this after I purchased FTX landclass for the US. Didnt have it as much with global vector only.Is anybody else having this sort of issue? I dont have my sliders maxed in P3D and I am using the NVIDIA 368.81 drivers.
  23. So glad for this thread because I logged on today to ask a very similar question. I have FSX acceleration boxed edition installed on its own drive with lots of excellent FTX stuff installed I am planning to move to P3D 3.0 however. I purchased a brand new 3TB drive to hold P3D so I could have both FSX and P3D on dedicated drives under windows 10. I had wondered what technique to use to have Orbx products used in P3D. I suppose now I will just wait til the new multi installer will come to install my various products. Am curious how FTX Central manages dual installations? Does it have two instances etc? Very much looking forward to having all my toys in one box with the new sim. Eric
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