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  1. Personally, I'd much rather have the nuisance of having to re-verify who I am to Paypal, in order to securely purchase anything online (I know Visa and Mastercard have similar measures in place for foreign transactions), than to have my info leaked, hacked, jacked or otherwise, leaving me with zeros in my bank account. If any blame is to come about, it's for the bad people in the world who made it that much harder for us to conduct business worldwide, BUT at the same time, if ORBX had any reservations about Paypal's TOS or if anything brought up a red flag, this could have been handled a lot more efficiently, perhaps even transparently for the customer. To spring this decision on the customer base like this is major (and so soon after opening their store).
  2. It seems that ORBX has pretty much laid everything out, but only giving bits and pieces of the reasoning behind ORBX's decision, feels like a wacked out game of 20 questions.
  3. Definitely a question that should have been mulled over prior to taking any action, right? I mean, if you are opening your own store, you have to have a reliable, solid payment system in place. If there was any doubt that Paypal wasn't going to be viable, for any reason, it shouldn't have been offered to begin with. I find it hard to believe that whatever issue is at play, that it just sprung up overnight.
  4. Agreed Greg. My credit card and bank card were hacked consecutively over a year ago and I never want to go through that pain again. I can't praise Paypal enough for their due diligence in looking out for their customers, not to mention the acceptance being so widely accepted for trouble free transactions. I JUST had an issue last wekk with an online retailer who I paid a significant amount of money to, only to have the product not be delivered. The C/S agents gave me the runaround, so I turned to Paypal and within a half an hour, I got my refund...that is service.
  5. Alex, I know you are running blocker for ORBX right now, and quite honestly, if there is still some doubt on the way transactions are being handled, why make it news? This reminds me of the day John came out to state that people's downloads would be limited and after a good 24-hour soak, he changed his mind. Why do I feel like the noose is tightening around my neck and wallet if I want to stay an ORBX customer? I'd been hoping to hear some great things to come out of ORBX as well as LM to maintain P3D and ORBX as my primary software for flying in the future. Now, X-Plane is looking more and more desirable. I know that sounds harsh, but maybe ORBX can stop for a moment and put themselves in our shoes.
  6. Unfortunately, without any data to support your claims, it is difficult to pinpoint where the issue lies. There has been a lot of buzz in the past about performance issues with OpenLC NA, which can be found through a quick search of the forums, but if your issue doesn't conform to previous issues from others, then shedding a little more light on your specific problem, as well as settings, add-ons installed and even what hardware you are using, will only help get you the support you seek.
  7. I am assuming no price change will occur with Regions, OpenLC and base products, so what tier do their go in, Titanium?
  8. Honestly, in the future, why not add to these announcements a disclaimer that if anyone is experiencing issues with the current drivers, they can download the new ones. In my experience with "keeping up with the Joneses", I found that I had to rollback drivers in order to achieve either stability or leave everything as is. There are so many posts around the net, concerning drivers and their effects on a sim, with just as many saying to stick with what you have as there are who state that new drivers make the sim better. Chances are great that when new driver updates come along, they pertain more to current games than for the simulators. I also wouldn't mind if LM, LR or DTG put their two cents in to either say yes or no to driver updates as they should know what really works well and what doesn't. If I may add fuel to the fire, I also have never ever had the need to use a special uninstaller for graphics drivers. If a new one came along, I used the feature built in to the nvidia installer to have it perform a clean install. I really never understood why there is a need for a special uninstaller unless a user has gone out of their way to screw up something.
  9. Aren't Torrents the reason why ORBX has instituted so much security and FTXC3? lol I think John may be on the right track to offer a premium type service, purely voluntary for the consumer, BUT they would need to understand that a "standard" account, or paid download would require slower speeds or limited downloads (like what is happening right now). I might be on track to subscribe to that type of service, but that too would involve a lot of trust that ORBX delivers on the commitment based on the service provided to the paying customer....just thought, that's all. John asked, so there's my contribution.
  10. Wow, why didn't I think of that! Post #31 pretty much summed it up. On the flipside though, for customers to pay $30/year for this service, they would have to be committed to buying new products as well as reformtting their systems at least every 6 months in order to get their money's worth from the service. lol
  11. How about a Premium Download Service? Some sites, such as FlightSim.com, allows for paying members the opportunity to have no download/bandwidth limits.
  12. So Michael, are you referring to the fact that you are using the old installers with FTXC2? You know, I am sure glad I didn't delete the archive I have on a backup external of my FSS purchases then.
  13. I feel your pain and to make matters worse, if you have an add-on that is rather large, it may download extremely slow, with the possibility of dropping the connection. I would say 43 days minimum.
  14. Just trying to help, sorry I asked. Sometimes, confirmation emails can end up there inadvertently, that's why I brought it up.
  15. Here's a question I feel is important to ask: How secure is FTX Central v3 now? In the past, FTXC just handled the organization of ORBX content as well as alerting the user of updates and downloading them for the user, but now, FTXC3 is a real game changer, incorporating the ability to "buy and fly", so as it goes with everyone else who sells products online, how secure is it and does ORBX have strong, secure resources in place to protect users info? I only ask because after allowing the transfer of all of my ORBX content licenses to ORBX, it's a huge leap of faith now (and I didn't realize just how much I have purchased from ORBX over the years). I know that FTXC3 will be a great deterrent against pirates, but for us honest folks, I'm sure they would agree that for what we have spent in licensing, that it stays safe and secure.
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