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  1. Ahh I see, that ole 'Installing' dialog and bar had me thinking it was doing an install again Thank you
  2. Doug You are a super star, thank you. Why I never looked there, I do not know. Seems that I missed the trees whilst looking for the forest Thanks Doug, please mark as 'Resolved' Leslie
  3. Hello all I am having some real issues with my airports buildings not showing as shown in the picture below. All I get is light and dark grey squares where the buildings once were (shown to the left of the runway). I have taken the following actions so far, 1. Re Synced Orbx 2. Moved my Object flow folder - uninstalled and re installed object flow. 3. Verified (re installed GB South True Earth 4. Confirmed my installation points 5. Uninstalled and re installed the following a. Buildings HD b. TerraFlora HD c. Trees HD 6. I moved the following to a new library (thinking it will re install) a. GB libraries TE b. GB South TE c. England EU I have attached my Scenery.cfg and Central.log files I really am at a loss, any help appreciated. Thank you Leslie central.log scenery.cfg
  4. I am having issues with building not showing at my airports in GB South True Earth. Trying to resolve the issue, I click verify files, but rather than verify it installs which takes literally hours! and the is NO stop or CANCEL option ???? Questions: 1. Why is it downloading when I have the backup files on my drive ?? 2. Why is it doing an install ?? All I wanted it to do was a verify.... Sorry, I am frustrated having spent hours trying to resolve Orbx scenery issues (possibly created by me) and then I am locked out (for an age) when by very tool that I hoped would help me. All help appreciated.
  5. Hi All Same issue here. How do I delete all of the P3D generated files please. Thanks
  6. UPDATE Cannot answer for others here, but Central eventually loaded for me. It just took a long time. The sim issue was not Orbx related.
  7. Hi Nick Similar problem. My sim P3dv5 dropped to 5FPS, during my trouble shooting I tried to open Orbx central and it hangs. Edited to add that I have emptied my Temp/Orbx folder - Not helped. Central.log attached. Thank you central.log
  8. Couple of questions, if I may. I have the following Orbx product installed, yet I see no Orbx EU England in the library (Second image - priority 6 and 7). Why is this missing? Looking at the library my Orbx files seem very disconnected, other scenery files are right down at the bottom. Is this correct? Many thanks in advance P3d Files Then at the bottom we have
  9. Thanks Nick I have currently uninstalled TE for GB south, probably a backward step but at present I am conducting mainly IFR flying and the EU regions are good for that. Thank you
  10. Thank you I cannot see options to put the airports into summer mode. For now I have uninstalled TE.
  11. This is southern UK, I have True earth installed. Airports are listed in the above graphic. Any ideas?
  12. Looking closer It seems my Orbx (alone) areas have snow. Is that correct?
  13. Any ideas as to why I am getting white areas where my Orbx airfields should be? Please see the lower image. I have uninstalled and reinstalled - just the same.
  14. Thanks Nick it worked. Perhaps the developers could put that simple piece of code behind the cancel button. Would have saved us both some time and me much frustration rebooting and trying to cancel a process. Chann
  15. Further to this... Why oh why is it downloading again? What a waste of my time. It has the install files backed up on my SSD - so why is it downloading????? Quite Angry!
  16. I have cancelled a migrate task and now it is going through all 87110 files at about 1 file every 5 seconds. It is also killing my PC speed. Have I seriously got to wait hours and hours for Orbx central to cancel a task that was started in error?
  17. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D v5 Screenshot: Issue: Rinstall Orbx without downloads I am having to reinstall everything including Orbx (P3D V5 thing) Can I uninstall Orbx scenery and reinstall without the need to re download everything, which takes an age? Thank You central.log
  18. Thanks Nick I looked but never saw the posts. Chann
  19. England and Trees can see the sim, but Global base is having an issue??? This is after a full reinstall today (post the p3dV5 hotfix). I have tried the Help... ReSync with sim, but that never helped? All help appreciated. THank you
  20. Could not find that setting. I had Dynamic 3d Autogen unboxed, but turning down (off) the autgen vegitation density has taken them away. Thank you.
  21. Not sure if I am in the correct area of the forum? P3dV5 using True Earth Great Britain South and the trees are totally unrealistic See the picture, they are way too green. All help appreciated please Thank you Chann
  22. Replying to myself, to close this. Seems I never had an Orbx account, only here in the forums. The Flightsimstore was where I purchased all of my products and it is now closed! I have found the advice in the forums and created a ticket with copies of my emails. I also created an Orbx account with Central installed awaiting my ticket so that I can re install my products on this PC. Chann
  23. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3d V5 Screenshot: Issue: Password reset not working
  24. Nick You are a star. It is now installing as it should. Many thanks for your super fast support. Please mark as resolved. Have a wonderful Christmas. Chann
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