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  1. Hi All. Resolved this issue by fooling around with setting for scenarios. This video has some suggestions which, if followed, will get rid of most of the weird rendering. If your system is up to it, then these settings will go one better - Thx
  2. Hi Frank. I remember how enthusiastic Billy Vowell(?) was about the development of the airport. Billy flew myself, my brother and his family up to Essendon in '68 out of Tyabb in the 337 he had. '68 was when I returned to the States. Came back to Oz in '88. Was excited to see the development around Tyabb. I recently heard that Billy's dream of a helicopter Rescue Service out of Tyabb became a reality. Was great to hear. Mike C
  3. Hi All. Has anyone had these weird renderings of scenery in P3D v5.3? This is Orbx's Tyabb airport however it happens in all Orbx airport/scenery files. I have never encountered this before. Things tried: Full reinstall of P3D and Orbx. Turned off Trees HD and Terraflora2
  4. I used to fly out of Tyabb back in the mid '60's. dirt runway; nothing around it. Amazed at the growth and sad the council allowed home construction so near to the airport.
  5. Found it - remove static aircraft in Central. Thx RESOLVED! Please ignore.
  6. Hi All. Is there anyway to cut down on the number of planes parked at Tyabb airport with the Orbx Tyabb scenery? Sim is P3dV5.5 Thx
  7. Hi All. The question has probably been asked a thousand times but can't find the answer. I had to reinstall Windows and in so doing will have to reinstall Orbx and P3d V5. I have a 1 TB M2 disk and a 4 TB Sata II drive. Is there any advantage to installing my Orbx files on the SSD? Thanks, Mike C
  8. Thanks Nick. I finally found the answer in some (very old) posts. - For whatever reason, Holgermesh was installed. Additionally, I had problems with water showing up and reloaded the Global and LC products. This has corrected the scenery problem. Thanks again. Mike
  9. Hi all. All of a sudden I had water showing up in airports. When I tried to verify the Australia V2 files, I get the message "This product cannot be installed as there are incompatible products installed. They will need to be uninstalled before the installation can proceed. " Never encountered this. Not sure which products it is referring to as everything was fine up to now?? Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike
  10. Hi all. Following the release of MSFS it seems there is little or no development/product releases for P3D. Are there any plans for the introduction of a Cityscape for Sydney, or airports for Kingsford-Smith and/or Bankstown? Thx Mike
  11. Kinda-sorta resolved. Had to reload the airports (Change location) in p3d V5.1 hf1 in question. Mark as resolved.
  12. Hi All. Probably a dumb question; - is there anyway to manually specify a parking position at an airport? I mean outside of what is available in P3D. Thx
  13. Sure did. I have several other programs on here - Office 365, etc. Probably is one of those interfering. Anyhow, it's a minor detail as the simulator is working fine other than that one thing. I just live with it. Thanks for y'alls help. Mike
  14. Yes I did check and it is ticked. Any thing else you can think of that I might try? Thanks, Mike
  15. Thanks Nick. My English could do with some work - I hate this getting old stuff ;-)
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