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  1. " I strongly doubt that many people are still using FS9 " Really? You would be surprised how many of us keep our FS9. Still a large community. It is not all about looks. What happened to the days when flightsim was about flying? Not looking around at pretty scenery. Not running around with an Avatar like you are playing the sims. Just you, the aircraft and the sky. I to would love to see something better if ever possible for FS9 but I also understand it's limitations.
  2. Open your FTX Central. Click on the North America region. This used to be the fix before the migration but I don't know if it still works. After clicking on North America Region close FTX Central and start sim and check to see if problem is fixed.
  3. Have you tried un-checking all the FTX scenery in the scenery library and the seeing if FSX will run?
  4. It means you have to go in to the scenery library in P3D and add the scenery manually to the list. Start a flight, Open the top menu and chose World\Scenery library. You can add them from there.
  5. Did you check and make sure it got added to your scenery library in the game??? If not you will need to add it manually.
  6. Can I get any kind of reply from ORBX on this? It has been posted for almost a month.
  7. First maybe you could say what your problems are and someone may be able to help you fix them without a re-install or repair. I can tell you from experience I have done a repair and ORBX survived it just fine. Just in case make a backup of your scenery.cfg file. If you have to reinstall move your ORBX folder, reinstall P3D and then cut and paste the ORBX entry's from the CFG you saved and put them in to the new one then move your ORBX back. Hope this helps in some way. RossG
  8. There are actually a few of these fixes also for KLAX, 29 palms and a couple of LatinVFR scenery's.
  9. Thank You very much Richard. I was starting to feel a little unloved and unwanted over here!!
  10. You can close this issue. I found an answer for the problem. The answer is to never ever buy anything made by PILOTS ever again.
  11. Like I said earlier. It is only when I disable the FTX_VECTOR_CVX file. I hope someone from Pilots responds.
  12. Or it could be an OPENLC_NA problem as I didn't see it till that product was installed. I know for a fact it is not a mesh issue because it happens with mesh on or when using default mesh. No one will know until someone investigates it which would be nice.
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