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  1. I do not know if Orbx would be up for this, but I think it would help immensely and potentially really really sell a product if you always planned to include the "comparison to stock scenery" slider image thing where you can drag the little bar and compare right there what you'd be getting with the third party upgrade.
  2. I'd like to echo this request please - particularly if one is concerned about possibly using Xbox versions of MSFS at some point. It's frustrating to have to choose between MSFS official store and a discount on Orbx store.
  3. I'm hopeful Orbx (or someone) can do some "default" vs "Orbx" comparisons. I'm sort of excited for this, but not as blown away as I used to be by Orbx stuff - mainly because the default stuff in MSFS is so great in so many places already. I'll for sure be purchasing more judiciously and only in places where the upgrade is fairly drastic compared to what's included as default.
  4. Now I see why Microsoft is talking about streaming scenery.
  5. Hmm I think I will need to see some video of it in action to perhaps get a bit more excited about it
  6. Are you a RW pilot also? I often wonder if I just “get it out of my system” with normal flying perhaps.
  7. I just want to add that even I, who flies routinely in real life, have very little interest in PMDG level simulations. I hope that's available to those that want it, but it's a hyper niche within a tiny niche to begin with.
  8. Really great video - incredible how good this in-sim footage looks!
  9. I think they were pretty deliberate in reviving the flight simulator name honestly. So much of what made flight simulator a very detailed platform over the years was due to third parties, so as long as that is something that is still accessible and the platform extensible, I think the future could be very very bright.
  10. Let’s keep in mind that other than XP and AF, of which OrbX support is mostly newish, our entire flight simulation experiences over all time all started and continued with the Microsoft flight simulator base product. If they do anything close to what they had done in the past before the Flight product, but in a next generation way, this will be a huge win for everybody moving forward. Let’s give them some rope to work with here and be optimistic. Microsoft is a vastly different company right now then the one that canceled flight simulator and the one that pushed out the Flight product.
  11. I see cloud shadows - especially off in the distance down over those hills on the bottom left (and obviously on the right very clearly also)
  12. Man - those pics and that video That lighting engine looks just spectacular How about that DA62 in the hangar shot? You could literally pass that off as a real photo.
  13. Fair - but I guarantee there will still be places with no buildings or less accurate buildings and structures and just something flat, or "squished cars", etc, etc.. That's just how it goes with this sort of approach. I don't hold it against Orbx, I just think it shouldn't be held against MS either. And just being candid, the Seattle cityscape already looks better in that FS teaser video - the Space Needle in particular. Don't get me wrong - the TE stuff is a huge step forward for both P3D & XP.... No question about that.
  14. @Benny I think we are being a little bit hyper critical here, especially for a product so far from release yet. I spent about 20 minutes yesterday nitpicking a true earth Washington Seattle video and, no offense to any here, but there is all kinds of stuff you could pick at all day long. It’s just sort of part and parcel with using this type of technique for the scenery.
  15. Might be more complete than we think - They do have their own mapping platform after all (and it looks like it's using it). This is one of the many really exciting things here. We're finally seeing one of the few huge mapping players putting those vast resources into action in an FS product.
  16. Luckily for you I assume that P3D isn’t going anywhere
  17. This crowd is something else.. ok..to each our own. I'm really excited about this. I think it's a big big deal to have the original back in the game here. Whatever they release, it's a great thing, as this space could use some competition and envelope pushing at this point.
  18. Everything we are enjoying here traces it roots back to MSFS. We should definitely be excited about a brand new ground up platform with things like 4k/HDR and built for modern hardware as the base starting points.
  19. Right there with you on age my friend - Played them all, all the way back to mid-late 80's. I just prefer to be excited and optimistic. Microsoft has the budget and resources to do things with scenery, globally, that smaller players (like OrbX and many others) simply will never be able to do. This is a big win for all of us potentially, even OrbX who could instead refocus - hyper focus - on super detailed airport work where I think they've always been really awesome. As JV said himself, the ortho costs in many regions are just astronomical. It's really best for a massive company like MS to use their vast resources to tackle that part of things and let smaller players build off it.
  20. Nobody is excited here? I don't get it - this is awesome news
  21. lol - I hope not! Why can't this be a topic here? It's pretty exciting to have MS back in the game, potentially in an all new and very big way! I'd be surprised if there weren't room for third parties in the ecosystem at some point.
  22. This looks AMAZING. Just on on the scenery side, this is what most of us have been drooling over as a concept since the very first time we saw Google earth with 3D buildings. Very few companies could undertake the project from this approach just because of the technological and cost requirements. I think this is super exciting news for all of flight simulation! Even if this were to largely relegate OrbX regions to the past, I have a feeling there would still be lots of room for more detailed airports and other paid opportunities in the ecosystem.
  23. Is the traffic turned off? I feel like I-5 had nothing on it? Not to nitpick but that overlay around the runway feels a bit low rez I wonder if we might be able to sub in our own ortho’s in areas?
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