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  1. Just downloading it in the background... My question: what area exactly is covered by the Central Asia mesh ? There's no description about this in the Orbx Store. Thanks for your help !
  2. C'mon guys, which airplane IS compatible with TG and RL at the moment ?? There is not even a note of this in Orbx Central which is a pity I think because many people expected something else.
  3. Can anyone tell me if I have to deactivate the NA Scenerey when I install a TE Scenery of the same area ? I am aware that I when I want seasonal scenery I have to switch off TE. Thanks for your help !
  4. When updating to P3D 5, I also had stutters. I got rid of (most of) them by locking the framerate in P3D itself. I don't think HD trees and Terraflora causes stutters, I get stutters from time to time when there are much clouds on the screen. When I switch to clear skies, the stuttering disappears.
  5. With the new Orbx Central which I think is much improved compared to the old version there's just one thing that I don't like: Nearly every second time I open it I am asked me for the login data. So I open my password program, copy my ultrasecret hard to remember password. Then I grab my phone to enter the authentification data... Isn't it possible to store the Login data on my local computer so that I don't have to enter that again and again ? To be honest, this has discouraged me more than once to use Orbx Central... Any suggestions ?
  6. After updating to P3D 5 I today I made my very first flight from Half Moon Bay KHAF to Little River KLLR with Orbx Northern California activated. No Problems at the start and during cruise, everything looked fine. I could clearly recognize the runway, made a fine approach but when I nearly touched the runway, I saw polygon hills coming to me. Nevertheless I could land and stop and the plane looked lile this: So I pause P3D 5 and deactivated Orbx Northern California. Now everything looked fine: Now my question: Is this a common problem with P3D 5 ? Can it be solved somehow, I don't want to deactivate my precious nearly complete Orbx collection ! I remember that there was a tool for the old P3D version to level airports with the Orbx scenery. Is something like that in released for P3D 5 too ? Thanks for your help !!
  7. The lack of seasons was always the reason why I didn't like photorealistic scenery. So I would choose Option 2 (with seasons) of course. LOD 14 would be fine for me !! Hey folks, you're doing a very fine job ! Dankeschön !!
  8. Wow, Great !!! this was my favorite airstrip in Flight Unlimited III, centuries ago... Take my money !!!
  9. These are the waterdrop effects I miss in P3D since the good old Flight Unlimited 3 times. Centuries ago... (sigh)
  10. Can I use it with Prepar3d 3.1 too ? Or will there also be a new version sometime ?
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